Sunday, February 26, 2006

be brave, just cut it!

whew!! i did it. and it was not as bad as i thought. see that new shiny shears? it is the key for a good, clean edge. last weekend when i was practicing, i used a multi-purpose scissor (though a good one from hancock fabrics), it was difficult to work with. the blade was dull, due to a few times i had used it to cut paper.

what i had learnt about cutting the pattern:

- be brave!
- but be careful!
- don't pin on the cut line, you'll have to end up removing them while cutting.
- clip along but don't lift up the fabric too much. i used small clipping motions, it worked well.
- i used water soluble markers to mark the dots and notes, it worked great.
- though i think the pen is out of ink now. humph!
- save the patterns by tracing it first on a grid interfacing (tip from hanock assistant)
- you may want to make a different style in the future.

next weekend, i'm sewing this baby up! i think i still need to practice on my straight sewing. it is a bit tricky.

i love sewing! sadly my knitting has been so neglected...