Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hello from a relative newbie to sewing!

Hi all

I'm a knitter in the UK, but I've always been interested in sewing. I've tried making a few things before when I first got my sewing machine 10 years ago, but I think I over reached a bit then, so it has come out of storage on average of a few times a year to do nothing but hemming. Last year I managed a bag from a pattern, which I ended up being really pleased with. Then, at the end of last year, I went with DB to Minneapolis while he was there for a conference, and discovered the wonderful world of US craft shops. We have nothing quite as cool over here I'm afraid, or at least nothing where I live! I ended up buying an Amy Butler bag pattern with some cool toothy fabric for it (it has been cut, but I need to get some sew on velcro before I can sew it up), and a Favorite Things skirt pattern.

SO, I intend to make the skirt pattern for this sewalong, with the aim of making something wearable without it looking too handmade! I'm talking suitable for work here, which might be pushing it a bit... The pattern is V023 - Cute Skirts, and I plan to make the one without the gores or flounce. Just a simple 8 panels with waist band.

So, from the pic I'm making the 2nd from the right. I'm hoping the length will be ok - I matched it against a skirt I already have and wear fairly often, and it will be about the same length as long as I remember to make the seams the right width, which has been an error in the past...

Fabric shops are also comparatively poor here I'm afraid :( Most of the stuff is synthetic, but the good stuff is sold at pretty high prices - linen in my local market sewing shop is 12 quid a metre, when you can get it online for much less than that. Thing is, I like to feel the fabric, and I don't trust colours on websites as much as I do with yarn, because light and the drape would make a big difference. So I still toddled off to the market stall looking for something plausible to use, and found this.

Don't ask me what fibre content it is! It just said "suiting - mixed fibres" on the label, but it was 4.99 a metre, is lovely and soft, and medium weight with a very attractive diagonal weave (a little like denim), so it should be good for a spring skirt to carry me through the chill. It feels a little wooly, but not very much, so maybe there is a bit of nature in there somewhere. And please note that it isn't quite as purple as that - it is more of a dusky rose pink, so it should go well with my mainly black or chocolate colour wardrobe ;)

If this goes well, I might be daring enough to make another in the same material, and try out some Wool and Hoop style crewel embroidery on the bottom of one of the front panels... I love the pic on front of the book they've done :D