Friday, February 10, 2006

Hello I'm Ness from England. I don't have a blog ...yet.......
I have been knitting since sept '04 blankets, hats, stripey bedsocks etc

I have been sewing since I was little, although this doesn't mean skill, it does mean I have made some 'interesting' things. My interest in sewing was re-awakened by a number of lovely things. A super-duper sewing machine from Peter my hubby, a need to create, a desire to have more colour and texture in my life, wanted to get over my zip phobia and because what I wanted I couldn't find in the shops, or chances were everyone else was wearing the same thing.
I made my first two skirts last year and it was an amazing feeling not only of achievement but the fact that what I had made was unique.

I look forward to sharing these projects with you all.
Its been really inspiring to read your stories and have enjoyed reading your blogs too - wish I was brave enough to blog.....