Saturday, February 18, 2006

My skirt is finished! Well, apart from a good iron, it is. It took a couple of evenings to make, if I don't count the cutting - cutting and hemming the pieces took an afternoon with a good couple of films on telly. The actual sewing took roughly 3-4 hours, because the waistband has to be sewn by hand when folded over, and I took the pattern up on its suggestion to hand sew rather than machine sew as I didn't trust myself to be careful enough :D

The elastic was rather difficult to get right - I've not worked with elastic before, and I wasn't quite sure where the best fit would be on it. However, I think that the way the skirt is sized didn't really help. I may have limited experience, but I had problems where, if I pulled the elastic to a comfy fit on my waist, it left me with a big sticky out belly. Loose enough to hide it, and it was too baggy at the waist and slipped down. Ok, so that may be partly down to my body shape, and I suppose experience will bring knowledge of how to fix that kind of issue, but the skirt is quite straight from waist to hip. As it is I went for the no-show belly style, but I have been left with a slightly loose waist, and less bunching of fabric at the hips and back. Still, the bunching also leaves me with some lumps where the elastic starts and ends, but I think that this might just be the way it is with elasticated waists?

Anyway, pics!

Front view (with Jaywalkers and Little Miss Sunshine slippers, plus some washing drying on the radiator - sorry!).

The side view - here you can see, apart from the need for ironing, just how loose I had to make the elastic for a smooth line. I tried to upload a picture of the back with all its sagginess, but blogger seems to hate it (that might be for a good reason!), but you can see it on my blog if you want to, along with a flat view of it for the sake of the shape.

Despite its faults, I am pleased with the work I've done considering my experience, and I think it will be wearable for work with a pair of my chunky buckled kneeboots and nice slim fitted sweater that covers the waistband. I'll be interested how the other people making this in this version get on...