Monday, February 06, 2006

Pattern? Check.

Well, actually, I have three of them. Hit Hancock last week, where all Butterick patterns were just a dollar, so I now have #4614, 4686 and 4687 to choose from. I'm Maggi in Virginia and I've been sewing all my life. My sewing mom sent me to the Singer shop for a class the summer before sixth grade (c.1971) because she wasn't confident in her ability to teach me. I've sewn many garments since, although less consistently of late since I became a mother and a knitter. I did make a few sleeveless dresses for my daughter last spring/summer. Right now I have a quilt in the works and many windows to cover, having moved five months ago and achieved only one dining room curtain set thus far. And I have a fabric stash that rivals the yarn, so I am going to try to use something on hand. While I think it can be tricky determining what pattern size is the right one, I like the ability to make garments fit well when I sew my own, as I have a boyish figure that leaves storebought things too big in the hips or too tight in the waist. If, as knitters, you accept the notion of swatching, I encourage you as sewers to embrace the idea of basting ~ because un-sewing is harder on you and the fabric than "tinking" is on the yarn!