Monday, February 27, 2006

Warning on Betsy Ross A-Line Pattern

Hello Knitters (er, Sewists),
I started (and mostly finished) my skirt this weekend. I still need to finish tacking down the waistband facing and the skirt needs a hem, but I finished it enough to try it on. And I don't love it. I love the fabric and I love that I put in a lining and zipper (more on the trials of that later), but I really don't like how the skirt fits. Now, before you shake your head and say, "Stephanie, you just made the wrong size," let me tell you that it fits, but I don't like how it fits. The pattern has you choose your size based on your waist and hip measurements (nothing unique about that), which I did. And I assumed that because it was an updated pattern for us modern chickies, that the fit would be modern too. That is not the case. This skirt is designed to fit at your waist - on me that's about 2 inches above my belly button. I don't generally wear things that are high waisted. I like things more in the sitting on the hips range of things. So, my advice to those of you who are making this pattern is to measure your "waist" measurement where you want the finished skirt to sit and make that size. I really should have made a size or two larger (although I'm not sure what that would have looked like with the A-line shape). I guess this is just one of those things that we have to learn, but darn. I'm frustrated and a little disappointed.