Friday, March 31, 2006

Bags On the Brain

Hi all. I'm Sarah R.. I'm a non-practicing massage therapist, mother of two, and relatively new knitter. I taught myself to knit when I was pregnant with my first but did little with my then newly aquired skill. I picked it up again last October while is in search of a bit of zen; a little something to do with my hands that would bring calm to my frantic and stressed out brain. In the process, I rekindled my love of fiber (Danger Will Robinson!!!) from my days as a weaver (if faced with a loom today I couldn't thread it to save my life, so while being a former weaver may sound impressive, in my case it really isn't) and in so doing created a serious addiction (oh, the yarn I would buy if I won the Powerball). I'm the daughter of an amazing seamstress but possess only limited sewing skills myself. Regardless, my mom very generously saw fit to give me a sewing machine as a gift after my first was born.

My plan this month is to start small and if time and life permit move onto more ambitious (for me) projects. To begin I hope make a few bags from this pattern (look closely, there is a bag there).

I've made this bag before while it doesn't provide a challenge it's simplicity does mean that I can make one (or maybe even two) over the course of a single nap. Bonus. Plus who can resist a purse for a little girl? Not me.

If that goes well then I'll move onto one of the ever popular Amy Bulter bag patterns. The Chelsea Bags, Dorthy Bag, and Madison Bags are all in the running.

So is the Mr. Bedbug Ditty Bag (pretty flippin' cute, huh?) but the others have slightly more appeal because...well...they'd be for me instead of one of my kids. How novel is that???