Monday, March 20, 2006


Here's my finished skirt! I finished this up Thursday night but didn't get a chance to post til now. It only took me a couple hours to do the actual sewing once I got all the pieces ready and sat down to do it.

The only modifications I made to the pattern was taking 2" off the length. You can't see it in the pic, but the skirt is about an inch shorter than I wanted it (it comes right above the knee). I plan on making this pattern again so next time I will only take it up an inch.

I didn't make any other alterations to the pattern, but next time I make it I'm going to take in the darts more (it's a few inches too big in the waist) and lengthen the back a bit (the hem seems tilted because of my big butt).

Overall I'm really happy with this. I plan on making several of these in linen to wear for the spring and summer. If you want to see bigger versions of the pic just go to the Flickr page and click "all sizes" above the pic.

I really had fun with this challenge and now I'm hooked on sewing. I'm ready for round 2!