Friday, March 03, 2006


The skirt is finished!!
Very important lessons I have learned:
- that in less that 3/4 of a year since being shown by a very inspiring friend Louise how to sew in a zip that I have completely forgotten how to do it properly
- that I don't read instructions very well
- that I have a clean bedroom and bathroom because I used delay tactics with putting the zip in and did housework.....oh yes that is how bad it got!
- how to creatively place the paper pattern to fit the skirt material......I will say no more.....
- grateful to whomever invented the seam ripper - lost count of how many times I unpicked zip sewing
- that I don't read instructions very well....
- I don't think I have done the fabulous fabric justice
- I don't like the design of skirt pattern and would have prefered something A-line or floaty style
- my sewing machine and I are still friends - just about!
- that I like the bias trim I used partly to save hemming it and also
- I like hubby (Peter) idea to go with that colour trim for interest
- that Peter can take a sneeky photo where you can't see the huge bump which is the side zip!
- that next time I will try using elastic
- that I am going to take a proper course in how to sew clothes
- that I am really looking forward to the next project
- it was great to take part and even though I am having a little grumble that in the end I really have learned some good lessons
- I am loving seeing your creations emerging, lots to be inspired by
- off to console myself with a few rows of knitting