Monday, March 13, 2006

My First Skirt

I finally finished my skirt. The actual assembly didn't take long at all. I had most of it done in an evening. But then it was time to hem and handsew the waistband facing. And I put that off for...well... about 2 weeks. Saturday my mom brought her nice sewing machine out to my house and we figured out how to use the blind hem function and zip... the hem was done. I love things you can do on a sewing machine.

And to celebrate, I wore it to work today.

Project Details:

Pattern: Betsy Ross #001 One Hot Skirt

Fabric: Wool Flannel - Herringbone Weave

Modifications/Thoughts: I added length to the long version of the pattern, and it still isn't quite as long as I wanted - I'd like another 2 inches or so. I made the pattern size that matched my actual measurements, but I dislike higher waisted garmets and this skirt is a little higher waisted than I like. If I had to do it again, I'd modify the pattern so that the waist was a bit larger (so it'd sit lower) and keep the same hip size. Ah well, live and learn. Also, I added a lining to this skirt. The pattern didn't have directions for it, but I found some on the internet (what did we do before the internet) and it turned out to be relatively simple. I thought a wool skirt really needed a lining, and I'm glad I took the extra time because it makes the finished skirt a lot nicer.

I obviously learned a lot with this project - it was my first sewn garmet since my 4-H days many moons ago. The best part was learning how to do a hem on the sewing machine and putting in a zipper. Yesterday I cut out fabric for a second skirt (a different pattern) and I'm going to try an invisible zipper (I have to go buy a special zipper foot today). Hopefully I can get it done before the 20th.