Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Skirt!

Yea! I finally got here! Thank you Mari!
Here's my skirt. Inspired by one I'd seen in Anthropologie a while back. It was made with light frothy silks but I didn't like the colors or patterns all that much for the $$$. Months later I found directions/pattern for it in Threads magazine and filed it away. I went through my scrap pile, tearing long strips and sewing them up. The only problem was the zipper which I had to hand sew as I couldn't find my zipper foot and so it's not very sturdy so I'll have to go back and machine sew it as it's already starting to pull apart.
I'm ready for my next one. Thinking of dyeing or painting or silk screening some fabric for it, (sort of a graffiti wall thing) but I still have a huge scrap pile so I may do a three tier one next.