Saturday, March 18, 2006

A skirt...

The most difficult part of this particular effort was taking the darn picture! Other than that, this was EZ. If I do make another one in this same pattern, I will use the same fabric for both layers. I'm not real happy with the way this cuts me off. But, it is light as a feather and I'm sure, when the weather finally does heat up, I will wear it a lot.

Cutting out the pattern on my 3' x 6' table was a bit of a challange; the wide sweeps went off the edge and the fabric kept slipping. I had to use some pattern weights which worked pretty well.

I am in the process of making a shirt to go with this print, having finally found a nice interlock that matches the brighter pink in the Amy Butler fabric.

Seeing and reading about everyone's projects has been inspiring and educational and just plain FUN. Thanks to Mari and the rest of the sew? i knit! team!
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