Thursday, March 30, 2006

*Waving* I'm IN!!!

I'm Betty - Bea - Beatrice! I've got a husband, 3 daughters age 24, 16 and 18, 4 cats (mine is Biscuit!) and 2 dogs! I knit, I SEW, I bake and read and eat too much! thus, I am a Fluffy Knitter .

Ok. So my bag. Well my Secret Pal (7) just sent me a FABULOUS little booklet called .... Easy Denim Purses .... and I am going to DESIGN a bag similar to the the Duffel Bag found therein!

I had so much FUN with the SEW-A-Skirt-Along (even though unofficially - I still made THREE skirts!) that I am TOTALLY excited to be here for the SEW-A-Bag-Along! :o)

Oh. And I would be considered - um .... a professional. I have been paid to sew. To alter. To create! :o) However? I am LEARNING new stuff all the time! I tend to be a little eccentric in my endeavors! So a 'real' professional would probably laugh at me!

Ok ... sew?

I'm going to go SEW!!!!


the Bea