Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bag "Art"

This is the bag that I put together using ideas from bags that I have seen and liked. I wanted a big, sturdy bag so I bought 3 weights of upholstery fabric and came up with a pattern for the project.

Can you guess where I went terribly wrong with this idea? Everything seemed fine as I laid out the pattern on the fabric and stared sewing it up. Until I tried sewing through 4 layers of fabric. There is not a needle on this earth that will go through 4 layers of upholstery fabric. I moaned, shouted and generally ruined my fingers trying to handsew what the machine could not. I was not terribly successful. There are some gaps. I didn't care.

It is lined, has pockets inside and out and a piece of plastic on the bottom...between the lining and the outside fabric, to make it stiff and I also sewed buttons on the bottom so as not to get the bottom dirty. It got more than enough attention.

Here's the REAL's too heavy to carry ANYTHING. This bag could hold my 17 pound kitty...easily. He'd probably like it in there...for a while. But I will never use it...not at all practical. So it will stay on this doorknob as Bag "Art".

Lesson: Do not EVER make a big bag out of upholstery fabric...unless you want to make "Bag Art". Posted by Picasa