Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bags under my eyes!

I am really proud of this bag - my sewing endeavours often end in tears and I get discouraged. However, this bag I love. I may not actually let it see the daylight just in case it gets ruined. The idea came from Audrey's post. She very kindly emailed me the Jo Ann pattern - but my printer wouldn't print it so I bought the simplicity pattern and reversed it. Then I found an online tutorial and somehow worked it all out. The hardest part was the velvet ribbons - thank you so much for all those who suggested ideas, in the end it was part hand stitched and machine sewn through gritted teeth (mine). Two buttons either side cover up some dubious stitching! I am no longer affraid of lining or interfacing, and next time will buy even thicker (though this fabric was Tana Lawn cotton) and buy fusible. I may make another bag before the deadline, I love the pattern so much. As with the skirts, I love the bags that are being made, fabric, designs, embelishments etc. It's so fun to see how we are all interpreting the projects.