Friday, April 07, 2006

Finished - Twice!

So here it is.
The front of the finished bag.
My camera?
Not very good I'm afraid.
But, Daughter #3?
Very funny. :o)

In this picture?
The handle was attached to the
back of the bag. Carried it out
the night I made it. Ugh. I 'knew' I would have to change it!

So in this picture? The handle is finished. Attached to the sides. It's not perfect - but, hey? Neither am I! :o)

The inside has a special-sized pocket for
my cell. And an additional pocket for checkbook
or keys or whatever.

The fabric? It's upholstery. From where? Who
knows! :o) The bag is completely lined with the
same fabric and I made the little 'ditty' bag out
of scraps! I still have enough to make a small
sock-knitting drawstring pouch to match!

But, I've been busy getting my girls ready for
their Easter Dance Ministry! Making flags, and
head-coverings and sashes!
Today? I'm hoping to make me a skirt! During the skirt-along? I made both
daughters skirts! So NOW? It's MY turn!

LOVE reading everyone's bag-blogs! What wonderful inspirations! I intend to also make atleast another bag!

Oh ... btw? My blog .... TheKnittingBea - A Blog Rebourne

Happy Friday Everyone!