Monday, April 24, 2006

A little help

Okay, ladies, I need a little help.

My pattern calls for cord-type handles. It says to pin the fabric around the cord, then sew it down/closed using a zipper foot.

After some contemplation, I don't like this -- it leaves the seam out and seeming sloppy, not to mention it's a bitch to do (at least for me).

So here's what I'm thinking -- cut the fabric a little wider, sew it into a tube with right sides facing each other, then turn it inside out (so right side is on the outside) and insert the cord. Sew across the opening so the cord can't get out (which is instructed by the pattern anyway), and hey presto! I have the corded handle, without the seam edges flapping out in the breeze but, instead, hiding inside the tube.

Can y'all tell me what I'm missing? Why this is a bad idea or won't work? (Or am I not using enough words to describe the problem?)

Thanks for any help you can give!