Tuesday, April 04, 2006

..not a zipper in sight!!

I am so excited to be making a bag - I never find what I want in the shops so I hope this will be just right.

I treated myself to fabric and fruit tarts today on a day trip to London. I will be making the middle bag 'hobo bag'. It was hard to imagine what the bag would look like as I found it tricky to get past the fleece style which wasn't what I was looking for - I wonder if anyone had the same problem when they were choosing their pattern/fabric?

Given my problem with zips with my skirt etc , I hope this pattern will be relatively easy - not a zip in sight.
Based on the frustration I had with my skirt, machine and with ME ....I had a sewing machine tutorial yesterday on my second-hand Janome - I can't believe how much I have been under using this clever machine - if you haven't already - I really recommend having a tutorial for your machine - she also showed me some clever sewing techniques which has so helpful
Best get cutting - happy sewing.