Sunday, April 02, 2006

Taming the Sewing Machine

Hey Everyone.

My name is ErickaJo, I am an adventurous knitter of almost three years now. I'm very proud of what I do with that.

I tried to sign up just a bit too late for the skirt project, and finished it anyway (nyah!). My sewing skills are pretty lame. I learned how not to stab myself with a needle in home ec. in jr. high, but nothing beyond that.

I just got a Pullip Doll, and my intention was to knit her clothes. Unfortunately, I had to achieve step number one, and admit that one's wardrobe cannot be all knitwear. I had a sewing machine, which meant I should use it. Which meant that I should first get over my fear of it.

So here I am!

The bag I've chosen is Amy Butler's Ultimate Craft Bag. I haven't chosen fabrics yet, as that may be a payday thing to do. When I chose them, and when I get my camera back from my fiance's brother, I'll edit this post. STAY TUNED!!!