Sunday, April 16, 2006


After the upholstery bag mistake, I thought I would take on something smaller. I had this pattern in my stash as well as the silk fabrics.

I don't know what to think about this pattern. First of all, the bag is a bit small...too small for me. I could barely get the essentials in this one. Second, I don't like the velcro closure. I think it was a real copout and should have been something more elegant. Third, I don't like the way the directions said to finish it. Too much dependency on topstitching and it made for a very uneven look. See where the handle has had topstitching done OVER the seam? No likey. Fourth...she has you put canvas in between the lining and the outside pieces which makes it much too stiff on the edges and adds to the uneveness. I would use flannel instead.

I won't make this again...there are too many other bags I'd rather have...and who knows if I will ever use this. Below is the lining which I like the best about the bag.

I noticed that one of you also made this bag. Has anyone else made it and had the same problems? Did I use the wrong type of fabric? Did you use canvas as the interlining? I would like any suggestions that you have if I am ever to make this again...maybe as a gift.

I'm on to another bag project; maybe this time it will be something lovely AND practical. I think I will look again at what everyone else had made and see where my imagination takes me. Posted by Picasa