Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Downtown, where all the action is...

Here's my completed Amy Butler Downtown purse. You can read the whole saga over at my blog:
or, if you're pressed for time, to make a long story short I have to say I love these patterns because they're so beginner-friendly - although it was a bit confusing because I opted to use the Timtex interfacing and the instructions of the pattern kept cross-refrencing the revised instructions with the old instructions that drove me a bit batty. Anyhow, the lining came out a bit sad because it was too small to accomodate the Timtex but I know now for next time. Here's a peak at that:

You can read about all the heavy and deep meaning behind the lining over at my typepad blog.

Other than that, too much fun and looking forward to the next assignment!