Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Top Story of the Day

Well, this isn't exactly headline news but if it's tops we're making, I have a couple patterns in my stash that I have been anxious to sew up for the summer.I was already in the process of making the Thia Tee from La Fred patterns in the photo below. This is a great pattern if you don't mind sewing darts which really give it its shape. Also, I only have a regular sewing machine and if you are going to be using a lot of knit fabrics and most importantly, can afford one, a serger is the best bet. I limp along with a slight zigzag for knits. Also, there is some top stitching involved here as there is with most knits, so a twin needle result would be fabulous. I have to top stitch twice to get a similar, if a bit zoinky, effect. More details here.

I found some fabulous fabric for the McCalls pattern above. I
love this pattern and was looking for a good reason to make it.
Finding a great fabric always helps the cause. I'm not even
going to line it, cause, after all, it is summer! I bought enough
fabric for the cap sleeve version but may get some more to do
the upper left kimono style.

I've got all the details and a fabric sample herePosted by Picasa