Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Upholstery bag

I finished a Jordy bag last night (actually, started it last night too. I'm such a slacker).

The outside fabric is some upholstery fabric. I found it in the remnants pile (I love the remnants pile). I got 1m for $2.75. I still have 0.5m left.

You can sort of see the lining here, it's just a brown lining that I had bought for sewing a skirt (one day I'll sew the skirt).

I didn't have a zipper or velcro that would work, so I just added a flap and a big wooden button. This was my first time using the automatic buttonhole feature on my new sewing machine. It wasn't hard at all.

I also want to sew a messanger bag, but first, I need to buy some proper sewing scissors. I cut this fabric with a small, rather dull pair of paper scissors, which I do not recommend!

Any recommendations on great fabric scissors? I've heard some good things about the Gingher scissors. I'd love to get a good pair that will last for decades.