Friday, July 21, 2006


After sitting the last project out I am so excited to start this next project. I love quilting and this year I have been trying out little projects to develop my confidence.I have three projects in mind if there is time. The first is to make a tied picnic quilt for my neice (4 yrs)- with pink floral fabric patched with plain shades of pinks embroidered with cakes, hearts and butterflies. The second project is to complete the above which will be a wall hanging made up of 4 pieces of fabric A4 size with the spotty border. Blackwork embroidery with images of different styles of dress from the 1920's onwards. I found the most amazing website with these beautifully designed women.Pauline has very kindly given me permission to reproduce her images for my quilt, full of history and lovely images it is an enchanting site. The last project is to start our wedding quilt - 3 years late but hey, a wall hanging. A dear friend brought squares of calico for each of our tables at the reception and got everyone to sign their names. The idea is to embroider their names and then piece it simply and sew. I may not finish it in time but it would be wonderful to start an overwhelming but exciting project of preserving special memories. Will keep you posted when I start the others. It is fun to think of us all starting another project together. BTW after writing about my struggles with my skirt and promising myself to get zip tuition - I did and haven't been able to stop making skirts for the summer - I am so grateful for this sew along. The most inspiring way so far to motivate me and to get some confidence growing. I can't thank you all enough.