Monday, September 04, 2006

The Ladies

Here are:
'The Ladies'.
This wall hanging measures 16"x 23.5". Each panel is 7"x11". I used black embroidery silk 3/4 strands for the main outline in running stitch and 1-2 strands for facial features and hands etc. I 'stitched in the ditch' for a better effect. I had difficulty with the facial expressions and need to get practice with that- the lady with the apron (1918) looks shocked ..can you see? I LOVED this project - the ladies had their own personalities as I embroidered their image. I love this is recording history, the images range from 1918 - 1927 The images come from the most wonderful website drawn by Pauline - who was so generous in allowing me the images.

I am afraid that the two other projects I listed to do fell by the wayside. I was so motivated by this little patchwork I decided to go for the big one ( I lost my confidence a while ago and put this off for about 6 years *gulp* and make a quilt for the sitting room for the colder months but with a Summery feel. I will post it in a few days and all the tears that went with it!!