Friday, September 15, 2006

Sunday afternoon quilt and project linus quilt

On the left is my first attempt at a big quilt. It is a basic 9 patch block, each block is 4" and the whole quilt measures 52" x 62" The fabric is moda - 'faded memories' and 'memories' mixed together. It was a collaborative effort with Peter (hubbie) putting the pieces together - he has a better eye for these things. I sewed it, swore at it, hugged it etc while P provided cups of tea and sustained encouragement. It has passed the 'snuggleometre' test in our home which is wonderful. I am so pleased with her. But have learnt to plan better for the next one. I loved using the trick for the white border of using masking tape to get straight lines.
The butterfly quilt is for Project Linus - here is the link for the charity and for Britain
I won't met the S I K deadline with it but it was good to get it started. So out of the 3 ideas I set out to complete I only did one and that was the 'ladies' posted before. But I was so encouraged and that led onto making my first big quilt.So a huge thank you for the idea - it has inspired me more than I can say.