Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Quilts

I made two quilts. One for my living room and the other for my newest niece. I have moved my blog to wordpress but have to use my old blogger address to post to this group until I figure out how to link my new blog to SewiKnit.

My battery died while I tried to take the baby quilt pic. Will post Saturday.

Next Project: Holiday Jumpstart

Good morning everyone!

The holidays are approaching, faster than we know it. So we decided that the next round of Sew? I Knit will be "Holiday Jumpstart." Starting October 15th and ending on December 24th, the focus of Sew? I Knit will be to get all those holiday gifts and decorations done, over with and out of the way. We're all about stress minimization over here. Sign ups are from October 1st until the 15th.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Gift is Done...

I have finally finished the baby quilt I started a while back. I have finishing problems, for sure! But I think it goes a bit deeper than that. I like this little quilt so much that I hate to give it up!

So, off it goes to a deserving mother and child. I put the baby's name and birthdate on the back on a little square that I embroidered. Behind the square I put my name and the year I made it. I have also heard that quilter's put their name and the date under the binding. You would think that this would be for the future but what I heard is that there have been quilts stolen at quilt shows so now folks sign their quilts inconspicuously. Only the maker knows where it is signed. But I signed mine for the future.

I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's quilted lovelies and have been inspired by many of them. Thanks to all the sewknitters out there! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 25, 2006

What's next?

Has the next project been announced?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Better late then never

I know that I'm late with my quilt but I had to wait till my placemat reaches the person I've been swapping it with, so I could not post earlier. By it finally arrived at Anna's, so I can show it to you. ^^

It's a placemat size 10 in x 8 in, made of cotton and linnen, with a tree patchwork.
I enjoyed this project and I liked all your creations! ^^

Friday, September 15, 2006

Dino Quilt

Funny, I seem to remember posting the last project at about 11pm on the evening of the deadline........

Anyway, I had hoped to finish this dinosaur quilt for my son this week, mainly because my daughter is now begging me to start her kitty quilt. But family events intervened and it was not to be.

But I thought I'd show the quilt top anyway, and if you are interested in it, you might check out my blog in the next week or so for progress. I had enough interested comments from a post a few weeks ago, that I decided to make up a tutorial on how I designed this from my son's artwork and translated it into fabric. So watch for that in the next couple of weeks.

Here is the finished quilt top:

You can see some detail shots on the latest entry on my blog, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page (August 16th entry) I have a photo of my son and his original drawing.

Sunday afternoon quilt and project linus quilt

On the left is my first attempt at a big quilt. It is a basic 9 patch block, each block is 4" and the whole quilt measures 52" x 62" The fabric is moda - 'faded memories' and 'memories' mixed together. It was a collaborative effort with Peter (hubbie) putting the pieces together - he has a better eye for these things. I sewed it, swore at it, hugged it etc while P provided cups of tea and sustained encouragement. It has passed the 'snuggleometre' test in our home which is wonderful. I am so pleased with her. But have learnt to plan better for the next one. I loved using the trick for the white border of using masking tape to get straight lines.
The butterfly quilt is for Project Linus - here is the link for the charity and for Britain
I won't met the S I K deadline with it but it was good to get it started. So out of the 3 ideas I set out to complete I only did one and that was the 'ladies' posted before. But I was so encouraged and that led onto making my first big quilt.So a huge thank you for the idea - it has inspired me more than I can say.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quilted blanket for my relaxation time

『Quilted Blanket』
pattern : from Machine made patchworks by Suzuko Koseki
size : 28"x38"
fabric : cotton , linen , double-gauze

I know today is I just finished my quilted blanket.The arrangement of each piece was difficult for me and the quilting by the sewing machine took long time.I used some beautiful cotton and antique linen for top and double-gauze for back , because I think double-gauze is very softly.

I think the blanket will make me happy :>
more photo is here !!


These are some quilted bags I´ve made to take along to an autumn fair.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Until the Quilt is Done

I am working hard on my hankie quilt, and all the squares are sewn together. Now i just have to do the backing and attach it all. It should be done for Sept. 15, which is so exciting because this project has been just 'sitting around' for a year now!

I went to a friend's baby shower yesterday and realized that part of the gift i gave her were a quilted project - these baby bibs i made her. Since they're quilted, so i just wanted to share! And show you that i have been busy making quilted things, just not the massive project i had planned!

Quilted Tote Bag

I just finished this quilted tote bag. The leaves are machine embroidered and there is some strip piecing on the front. I have plans for another with more patchwork...I might even make the deadline! Stay tuned...

Thank You!!!

Thank you to Susie for the post about the shop in Ringgold, GA. They are FABULOUS! The folks at Sew Be It! are so nice and have a beautiful shop. It's right off the interstate for anyone travelling btw TN and Atl - make it a point to stop by - it's worth the visit! I'm working furiously on several projects for the deadline and will have some pictures to post very soon. Please check out my blog and my etsy shop to see what else I've been working on.

I'll keep you posted!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Quilted bib

I know I`ve been a bad bad person for not finishing my top. I was going to, really, but life interfered, I guess (I`ll save you from explanations). I feel especially bad for not checking this blog out as much as I should have - but I plan to catch up!

I did finish the current project though: a quilted baby bib for my nephew, here modeled by it`s cute-but-too-excited-to-stay-still recipient. Upset with my failure with the previous project, I didn`t want to announce I was going to make anything in time, since I wasn`t sure I was really going to make it. But I must say this was a great project! I`ve been planning to give a try to patchwork, and had fun making this. (Though sewing bias tape (my first time) was hellish, just as I suspected it would be. I´ve always known bias tape is evil.) I´ll surely be making more patchwork in the future.

See the other side of the bib and some details in my blog.

EDIT: now the link should work!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Quilted Pillow for a Red Room

The past few weeks I have been painting and redecorating my daughter's room and I was ever aware that the sew along was coming to an end....So, I decided to use some left over silk, a bit of the curtain fabric and some left over linen like fabric to create a pillow for her room.

Ta Da! Done.

The picture does not do the colours justice unfortunately.
And so I am complete before school starts and I have no more time to sew!

The Ladies

Here are:
'The Ladies'.
This wall hanging measures 16"x 23.5". Each panel is 7"x11". I used black embroidery silk 3/4 strands for the main outline in running stitch and 1-2 strands for facial features and hands etc. I 'stitched in the ditch' for a better effect. I had difficulty with the facial expressions and need to get practice with that- the lady with the apron (1918) looks shocked ..can you see? I LOVED this project - the ladies had their own personalities as I embroidered their image. I love this is recording history, the images range from 1918 - 1927 The images come from the most wonderful website drawn by Pauline - who was so generous in allowing me the images.

I am afraid that the two other projects I listed to do fell by the wayside. I was so motivated by this little patchwork I decided to go for the big one ( I lost my confidence a while ago and put this off for about 6 years *gulp* and make a quilt for the sitting room for the colder months but with a Summery feel. I will post it in a few days and all the tears that went with it!!

A little quilted bag

Hi everyone! Pardon me for the late introduction. I'm a knitter and a beginner at sewing. This is my first attempt at quilting, so I thought I'd start with something small. It's definitely not a quilt, but it does have a quilted element!

This is a quilted drawstring bag that I made for my daughter. The pattern is based on this tutorial for a drawstring backpack (the "Mama Backpack"), except that I didn't make it into a backpack and added a strap instead, and I added a batting between the outer fabric and the lining and quilted it. I also made the bag smaller, more toddler-sized rather than "Mama-sized".

Quilted drawstring bag

More on my blog.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Finished Baby Quilt

The Hungry Animal Baby Quilt is done and ready to be delivered to the new mom. I loved this project so much that I have two more like it lined up in the sewing basket.

If you are interested, the Hungry Animal Alphabet fabric, it can be purchased here.

So, for the next two quilts I will be using some wonderful fabric from Kaffe Fassett. These small quilts don't use a lot of fabric, so I can buy quilter's quarters in really nice fabrics and not spend a bunch of money.

Looking forward to our next sew? i knit! project!
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