Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It´s finished!

I´m having trouble loading my photos on blogger so you´ll have to go here for now to see the photos. It was great fun and I´m so proud of myself. I will actually wear this!!!

Which position is better ???

Hi all ,I have almost done to sew my skirt.
I added under skirt of double gauze with lace.(It's my arrangement!!)
But I can't decide the position of hemp cloth.
Anyway,which position is better ??? Right or Left

By the way, how uses remaining fabric ?
maybe I am going to make a small bag...like this

Next week,I will post the wearing photo.
Thanks :)

Monday, February 27, 2006

It's a skirt!

I finished my first skirt for the sewalong tonight!


I had most of it done last week, but had to wait for the zipper to come in. I finished up the last of the hemming tonight. There are a few spots that I wish had turned out better because it hangs weird on me (the seams between the panels near the top) but it's not a big deal.

I used Simplicity #5524 for the pattern. The fabric is really soft and came from Wal-Mart. I'd like to do another skirt before the end of the sewalong if I can find a fabric similar to what I've been looking for.

Warning on Betsy Ross A-Line Pattern

Hello Knitters (er, Sewists),
I started (and mostly finished) my skirt this weekend. I still need to finish tacking down the waistband facing and the skirt needs a hem, but I finished it enough to try it on. And I don't love it. I love the fabric and I love that I put in a lining and zipper (more on the trials of that later), but I really don't like how the skirt fits. Now, before you shake your head and say, "Stephanie, you just made the wrong size," let me tell you that it fits, but I don't like how it fits. The pattern has you choose your size based on your waist and hip measurements (nothing unique about that), which I did. And I assumed that because it was an updated pattern for us modern chickies, that the fit would be modern too. That is not the case. This skirt is designed to fit at your waist - on me that's about 2 inches above my belly button. I don't generally wear things that are high waisted. I like things more in the sitting on the hips range of things. So, my advice to those of you who are making this pattern is to measure your "waist" measurement where you want the finished skirt to sit and make that size. I really should have made a size or two larger (although I'm not sure what that would have looked like with the A-line shape). I guess this is just one of those things that we have to learn, but darn. I'm frustrated and a little disappointed.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

be brave, just cut it!

whew!! i did it. and it was not as bad as i thought. see that new shiny shears? it is the key for a good, clean edge. last weekend when i was practicing, i used a multi-purpose scissor (though a good one from hancock fabrics), it was difficult to work with. the blade was dull, due to a few times i had used it to cut paper.

what i had learnt about cutting the pattern:

- be brave!
- but be careful!
- don't pin on the cut line, you'll have to end up removing them while cutting.
- clip along but don't lift up the fabric too much. i used small clipping motions, it worked well.
- i used water soluble markers to mark the dots and notes, it worked great.
- though i think the pen is out of ink now. humph!
- save the patterns by tracing it first on a grid interfacing (tip from hanock assistant)
- you may want to make a different style in the future.

next weekend, i'm sewing this baby up! i think i still need to practice on my straight sewing. it is a bit tricky.

i love sewing! sadly my knitting has been so neglected...

Seam Allowance

Ok, so I'm about ready to start pinning the pattern / fabric and have a question before I cut. When it comes to seam allowances (5/8 of an inch on my pattern) is that 5/8 on the outside of the pattern edge, or inside the pattern edge? Thanks.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rip it...rip it good.

Doo doo doo doo doo. DUM, DUM!

My fellow knitters, you all know this refrain. When a problem comes along, you must rip it!

Y'all, I had myself a few problems today in sewing my skirt, all of which were due, I would like to think, newness to the craft of sewing (although much of it was laziness, too, I'm sure). But all in all, no major, irreversible mistakes happened, and I am on my way to a wearable skirt!

Lessons learned along the way:

1) Don't pick a fabric printed with a crazy pattern just because you like the colors. I posted a while ago about having to be careful to cut my fabric because the motif repeats were kind of funky. I also wanted the motif to run up and down on my skirt. But because of the way the motifs were printed on the grain (ooh! new words! check me out!), I decided to cut the pieces the way the instructions said. Otherwise very bad things would happen. I am sure of it. So, I had to settle for the motifs running sideways, which I am convinced will make me look fat, but better that than BAD THINGS.

2) Don't sew straight edges, just because they are there. You may think this was obvious, but clearly, it was not to someone who had taken temporary leave of her senses. I got carried away sewing the straight edges on my two back pieces, and essentially sewed a tube. Or a skirt shaped pillow.


3) Pick out the right fusible interfacing. Oh, and find the instructions on it, and use them. I think mine was too lightweight (I bought it off the bolt at Joann's), because when I ironed on to the facings, it didn't stick very well. I cranked up the heat on my iron, and then burned some of it into a sticky mess. Luckily, it scraped right off my iron once it cooled off. :-)

4) See number 2. Just because the edges match, do not mean they are meant to be sewed that way.


Finally, most of it was done! I cut a lot of corners here, I must admit, because I finished the edges with my pinking shears, rather than get all complicated with a zig zag stitch. Too lazy to change the foot, dontcha know! Then I only took up about an inch of hem, because I didn't want to cut off the motif at the bottom.

I just need to run to the store and get a zipper, and put it in. That should be interesting....

My Fabric is Here!

I ordered this fabric from Cia's Palette after seeing a link from someone else's post (sorry, can't remember who). The service was amazing, the fabric arrived quickly, and I just can't wait to see how it looks as I start my Betsy Ross A-line skirt. I also purchased the interfacing and thread, but I wonder if anyone has advice about what color zipper to get? Pink? I'll wash and iron the fabric today and cut out the pattern next weekend. I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

So I'm a bit slow....

But I am sure making up for it! I finally got the fabric I wanted. It is a beautiful flower print I saw weeks ago that matches a cute tanktop I had recently bought. And it reminds me of spring! Too bad the weather around here is deffinatly NOT skirt weather, but I'm still happy to make it!!

Here is the fabric and pattern (that I loved and decided to do instead of my original wrap pattern)

I chose skirt D, it is a bit shorter than the one on the model. I am not too sure about sizing, but that's why I'm in textiles so I have my teacher to help me if I need to adjust the pattern. Yay! I have everything I need all ready in my little sewing bag I made as a kid. Woo hoo!!! I think I have skirt fever!!!

Intro From Liz Knitz

Hi all!
I got my sewing machine for Christmas about 4 years ago, and I used it almost everyday up until the end of 2004. That's when I started knitting and my machine has been sadly gathering dust ever since. I think this is just what I need to get back into sewing.

I'll be sewing a New Look Pattern - #6511. I'm using a linen/cotton blend.

I've cut out all of the pieces. Now I just need to put them all together.


Short Introduction

Hello! I'm Siow Chin and I'm residing in Hong Kong. I've been wanting to sew a skirt for months since I bought my sewing machine last year, picked out the fabric, a pattern and notions but have yet to do it. So far, I’ve sewn some bags but bags don't have to fit! It's like knitting scarves or shawls where gauge doesn't really matter. Thanks to this sew-along which gives me just the little nudge to make me really go and sew it. I'm hoping to learn how to quilt too someday, and sew some clothes for my two girls. The fabric I selected is a floral one with black background and the pattern is a simple A-line skirt from McCall Stitch n Save M4900. Unfortunately, I'm not able to load the photo onto Blogger. I'll try to figure it out.

You'll also be able to find me at Little Purl of the Orient.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Pattern and Fabric

Thanks to President's Day, I finally made it to the fabric store.

This is fabric from Joann's (Destination India!) in a linen blend. I know someone else is using the same pattern - it looks fairly easy.

Hopefully I can cut next weekend and sew it the following weekend. Yippee!

Well, I've gone a little fabric crazy...

My machine is currently being cleaned and serviced since it's been sooooooo long since I've sewn anything with it. But while I'm waiting for it, I've purchased fabric for not 1 but 4 skirts. I'm washing it up today and trying to decide which one to make first! I think I'm already hooked on sewing, I've been picking up patterns and fabric every time I go out!! My momma(former professional semtress) is soooooooo proud. :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006


Hello! My name is Becca, I'm at nutmegknitter. I bought myself a sewing machine back in June '05 as a birthday present and I've used it very very little. I'm feeling confident enough in my knitting skills to shift some crafty attention to fabrics. My previous experience is very limited to costume crew in high school theatre. I'm a middle school science teacher, and am looking forward to this week of February vacation to get started on this sew-a-long.

I've got two potential patterns: McCall's 2 Hour Skirt (#2029) and New Look *easy #6345 - I'm leaning to the New Look one, likely with the denim type fabric - it's hard to tell from the photo, that's the one on the left - it has embroidery on it - flowers / vines. I adore the fabric on the right, but it is heavier and I think may be a type of home decor fabric (I don't recall). I find that most of the cottons feel too thin to me to try and work with, but the patterns that I like are on very heavy fabrics - maybe I should focus more on home decor! :)

I'm planning to wash the fabric today and possibly even cut the pieces! So exciting!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

cutting and marking questions

eventually you know somebody is going to ask the most basic questions. and they are obviously coming from me! i'm hoping some of you can answer them, and possibly benefit others in this group!!

i am all geared up ready to lay the pattern and cut, but questions:

- what is "double thickness" mean? or, "double thickness with fold"?
- and "single thickness"?
- what is "center on fold" and "cut two on fold"??
- when the same pattern cut twice, one is front side up, one is front side down, can you just fold it?

i am a bit confused on folding and cutting... and i believe this is important to figure out. very.

thanks for all your answers.

OT, but kind of cool

How to sew 8 pairs of socks into a sweater. Maybe this should be our next project. ;)

Found over at KNOTs
My skirt is finished! Well, apart from a good iron, it is. It took a couple of evenings to make, if I don't count the cutting - cutting and hemming the pieces took an afternoon with a good couple of films on telly. The actual sewing took roughly 3-4 hours, because the waistband has to be sewn by hand when folded over, and I took the pattern up on its suggestion to hand sew rather than machine sew as I didn't trust myself to be careful enough :D

The elastic was rather difficult to get right - I've not worked with elastic before, and I wasn't quite sure where the best fit would be on it. However, I think that the way the skirt is sized didn't really help. I may have limited experience, but I had problems where, if I pulled the elastic to a comfy fit on my waist, it left me with a big sticky out belly. Loose enough to hide it, and it was too baggy at the waist and slipped down. Ok, so that may be partly down to my body shape, and I suppose experience will bring knowledge of how to fix that kind of issue, but the skirt is quite straight from waist to hip. As it is I went for the no-show belly style, but I have been left with a slightly loose waist, and less bunching of fabric at the hips and back. Still, the bunching also leaves me with some lumps where the elastic starts and ends, but I think that this might just be the way it is with elasticated waists?

Anyway, pics!

Front view (with Jaywalkers and Little Miss Sunshine slippers, plus some washing drying on the radiator - sorry!).

The side view - here you can see, apart from the need for ironing, just how loose I had to make the elastic for a smooth line. I tried to upload a picture of the back with all its sagginess, but blogger seems to hate it (that might be for a good reason!), but you can see it on my blog if you want to, along with a flat view of it for the sake of the shape.

Despite its faults, I am pleased with the work I've done considering my experience, and I think it will be wearable for work with a pair of my chunky buckled kneeboots and nice slim fitted sweater that covers the waistband. I'll be interested how the other people making this in this version get on...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Ordered My Fabric

After drooling over the fabrics in Tamar's post, I went over to Cia's Palette and snagged the last of one of the lovely Japanese prints for my skirt. The picture isn't up anymore, but I'll take one when the fabric arrives. I can't wait!!

intro from whispering pine

mccall M4875 and butterick B4461

hey everyone! this is my first sewing project. actually, first time sewing for me! i just received my sewing machine from singer and it looks awfully complicated. i am going to read through the manual this weekend and hopefully will able to make a mock up with muslin.

i may start off with the circle skirt (looks easy?). if i can master this, i may try the A line. zipper installment, here i come!

more sewing and pictures on my blog.

Chose a pattern!

I decided on the Favorite Things pattern . . .mostly on the fact that I don't need to figure out a zipper which makes me VERY happy! Now I just need to wait for it to arrive! In the meantime, I'm going to buy fabric and the other notions this weekend.

Need fabric recommendations

So I've decided to make Burda 8280 for my skirt, the short version.

The fabrics recommended are tweed, crepe fabric, flannel or imitation leather. Do you think I could make this with a lighter fabric for spring? I'm a real beginner, so I'm not really sure what crepe fabric is. Do you think the pattern would work with a cotton poly blend or something? I just want to make a basic skirt that I can wear to work in the spring without pantyhose.

I'd appreciate any recommendations!

On Choosing Fabric

Ok a non sewer here with a very basic beginning question.

It's on choosing fabric. When I walk into a fabric store I am so overwhelmed with all the choices they have. Can you make clothes out of any fabric? Because in Jo-Ann's I always notice or at least I remember there being a large area of fabric for quilting. That is fine and dandy if I want to quilt but can I use that fabric for clothes or anything else?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Skirt...

Hi! I'm Nickie from Northern California. I've been sewing for "sew" many years that I have stopped counting. I remember when cotton was impossible to iron and limited in pretty patterns. Nowadays these textile artists have created the most remarkable designs that it is hard to choose! But my all-time favorite is Amy Butler. I look for things to make with her cottons...they are soft and beautifully milled and a joy to work with. The one pictured is from her Gypsy Caravan series. I love it and it is becoming harder to find. I took the last three yards at my local quilt shop.

I like the skirt on the left of this Kwik Sew pattern. Since I don't have enough of the Amy Butler fabric I picked out of my stash some white gauze to use for the underskirt. It's really easy...elastic waist and topstitched. I like that...no hemming, though I do have a good blind hem stitch on my sewing machine. I have a Janome 3500...it does a few decorative stitches and some stretch stitches, a good buttonhole and it's quiet. I've also just recently started using the threading mechanism and it works like a jewel. I would love to have a serger but they are so expensive I just can't justify this kind of money right now. I love Loes Hinse patterns and they really call for serging so I have to use my pinking shears in lieu of a serger.

I'm going on a cruise this Saturday and I hope to have this skirt done for that...I'll post photos when I get it done.

Nickie Posted by Picasa

Help With Lining

Hi All. I'm making the Betsy Ross A-line skirt and I'm using a wool flannel fabric.

I'd like to be able to wear this skirt to work, so I thought I should line it. I bought some rayon lining (something that they said was good for skirts because it resists wrinkles). The problem is the pattern doesn't have any directions for a lining. I'm assuming I cut the lining out just like I cut out the fabric and sew it together on the sides, but I haven't got a clue as to how to attach it to the skirt (at the waist?) and how to deal with the zipper. Any help or links you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Pattern Help

OK . . . I just signed up but I'm between 2 patterns . . . the Sew Betsy Ross A-Line and the Favorite Things skirts.

I'm on the short side . . .and have a curvy, but still bottom heavy body with a small-ish waist. I want something that sits low, and that will be really comfy. What do you guys think? I'm also a brand new sewer . .. anyone have any sense of which would be easier?

Started and Intro

Hi all,

I'm Stephanie in California and my blog is here. I knit and sew quite a bit, but I wouldn't say I'm an expert at either! Since my son was born I've been sneaking in some sewing here and there, but hardly any for me (I sew my son's cloth diapers). I've been wanting to make myself some new long skirts so I was so happy to see this sew-along.

For my first skirt I'm using this New Look pattern and some yellow fabric from my stash (got it on clearance at JoAnn's a few years ago...it's really a lighter yellow in person). I started sewing it together yesterday and hopefully I will finish today. It's really a simple pattern with an elastic waist (I'm doing version C, which is shown in navy blue on the pattern).

Here are some cotton batiks I picked up yesterday at JoAnns. These will probably become more skirts, although I might use a different pattern.


Yes ladies, I've raced through my first skirt project in a long time. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I have essays coming up and sewing is very theraputic and great for the productive procrastinator.

This is the pattern I made, using this fabric:

It took me about one evening to cut everything out (which was confusing, the pattern makes it seem far more complicated than it should be). It then took me about an afternoon to sew.

I'm quite pleased with how the skirt turned out in general. I made a very silly and simple mistake though: I bought the pattern a while ago, when I was about 15lbs thinner. The skirt still fits, luckily, it just has to sit higher. Luckily, I prefer the length when it's sitting higher anyway :)

So, what do you guys think? :)

sewing machine dilemma

I used to make a lot of skirts... when I was little I inherited my Gran's hand-cranked Singer. I used it loads and it (mostly) did what I asked it. But then I got ambitious... I wanted to do zig zags, buttonholes, complicated things... So I gave away the Singer and bought a new electric machine. Which has sat underneath various tables for more than ten years, unused. Last month a friend offered me a hand-cranked Singer which he had just cluttering up his house.

So, I'm hoping this skirt will help me get back in the creative groove sewing-wise, with one or other of the sewing machines (someone hit me if I dare to try and handsew it all).

I'm a great bodger and not particularly good at following instructions, so me and sewing patterns don't get on too well. I saw this great picture in a 1952 magazine of Vogue knitting patterns and I'm going to try and create a similar skirt (might knit the jacket too eventually).

Now my waist is not as amazing as hers so we'll see if I can create something actually wearable... I'm planning a pleated chiffon overskirt over a plain gathered underskirt with a big waistband make of slightly stretchy fabric.

P (either Philippa or Petulant from England)

I'm brand new - saying hi!

Hey there. I'm Amber from Norfolk, Virginia. I have a blog over at My Aim Is True.com. I'm into knitting, thrift store/yard sale-ing, fixing up my house and my dog Kyla. I am just now getting into sewing!

This will be my first ever sewing project, so I've got a mix of excitement and intimidation going on. I bought this sewing machine off Craigslist a few months ago, and have been practicing sewing straight lines (ha) and messing with the features in the meantime.

I have picked Burda 8280 for my pattern, I'll be making the short version.

Here's to hoping I can figure out the zipper, etc. I'm looking forward to the challenge!

Another Intro

Hi All,
I'm joining this sew along as a motivation to take the Kenmore I bought a month ago out of the box, and the idea of getting a new springy skirt in the process is very appealing. I'll post with my pattern/fabric choices as soon as I decide.


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

fabric found

For my skirt, I found this fabric. It's a cotton in a Civil War Era pattern. Frankly, I couldn't care less about the Civil War bit. I just liked it. :)


(new Interweave Knits provided for scale)

I also picked up a zipper and thread, which will have to be left to the imagination. The zipper looks like a zipper. The thread looks like thread.

The machine is still in the box. I don't actually plan to start until SUNY-Oneonta's first spring break, which is the last week in Feb. This gives me time to finish reading Sewing for Dummies and to generally procrastinate.

But I shall make it work, to quote the brilliant Tim Gunn.

Hello from NYC

Hi there, I'm Tamar from New York, by way of Israel. My blog is Studio Tamar, which is a name I shamelessly nicked from a ceramics studio in the basement of a building I once lived in. I've carted my poor sewing machine around with me since I acquired it in a teenage fit of wanting to make my own clothes, so that I wouldn't be dressed like everyone else. The truth is, I'm not sure I compeltely outgrew that impulse! My grandma taught me the basics, and I have made a few things over the years, but I'm still afraid of sewing wobbly seams and don't really understand sewing directions. Bias tape, anyone?

I'm going to be sewing the "Cute Skirt" #V023 from Favorite Things, the version without the gores or ruffle. I got two different fabrics for it:

Amy Butler
Amy Butler "Parrot Tulip" from Cia's Palette

"Donna" in burgundy from Reprodepot

I think for now I'm going to go with the top one (which is more green than blue in actuality), because the bottom one is kind of see-through and would need some kind of lining, I think. Maybe for the second go-round?

I have to confess that while I was ordering fabric, I got a few other great patterns. One of the them is also the Amy Butler "Parrot Tulip," but in citrus-y colors. I only got a little, and figured I could combine the scraps from the skirt with this to make a little handbag or something like that.

I am looking forward to sewing along with everyone!

2nd post from TOKYO

Hi all,
I chose the fabric to use in this sew-along. It is "hemp cloth (linen 50%,ramie 50%)"and
"double gauze (cotton 85%,linen 15%)".
So when we use "hemp cloth", we must wash it first.
Because it reduces the linen by washing. (...just 5%)

Ooooh! I must prepare some buttons, and then I will start :D

The fabric shop is here →"CHECK&STRIPE"
It is so popular among the person who likes handmade.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kuky Intro

Hi All! My name is Korallin also known as Kuky from Kuky Ideas. I don't really sew. I took a class ummmm...15 years ago I think it was. I can't remember the specifics but I have a book and I basically know how to use my sewing machine so that's a good start.

I'm really looking forward to reading about everyone's progress and learning from you all. I want to sew clothes for my baby. Yep that's right. I had a baby just this past September and sometimes it's hard to find time to knit so I am clearly delusional thinking I can find time to sew too! :-D My grand crazy plan is to make a skirt based on a favorite skirt I have hanging in my closet. I don't know what I'm thinking!! I clearly need help.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Questions Already

Forgive me if these are the wrong time or place.

First of all, I've already introduced myself. I'm Kathy. But I have a blog now at crafty yogi.

My questions:

1. Once my fabric comes in (some reprodepot stuff) should I wash and dry it first?
2. My blog is new. How do all of you with blogspot blogs get the sidebar lists of things like work in progress and blogs you like and such. I emailed support but they're not getting back to me.

I'm really looking forward to sewing. good luck everyone!!!

the honest to goodness truth about me

Hi everybody! My name is Mery from Pijije. I'm a brand new citizen of blogland, so please come visit. And here's the truth: I'm a long time knitter, first time sewer. I don't know how to sew. I had never touched a sewing machine up until 2 weeks ago. My plan was to take a class at my local fabric store and make the skirt then... but, the class was full. So I'm left to my own devices and between the pattern instructions and the help of my trusty book(Sewing 101), I will try my best to make a decent skirt. Originally I was going to make just a pull up skirt but I'm afraid that will be less than flattering for the hips. I fell in love with the pattern that Flying Pizza posted a few days ago, so I ordered it from Betsy Ross, the A-line skirt. I still don't have the fabric but I will get it this weekend. I'm going to need lots and lots and lots of help. Wish me luck!

First Post From Liverpool

Hi! I'm Anna and I live in Liverpool England. My blog is finally waking up and I've been sewing for quite a few years now. I mainly make stuff for my little boy or myself.

The skirt I'm going to make is from a small company and the fabric is batik cotton in pinks, as so:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It's got an elasticated waist so it's not that hard, but I have to admit that after reading the start of the instructions a few times I have no idea what they're talking about but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon!

I've got quite a few other cottons in my fabric stash for skirts so I'm hoping to sew a couple of skirts by the deadline.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress, I've already found some great patterns thanks to this blog!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello from Malaysia

I'm Vivian, a beginner knitter from Malaysia and I do sewing as well. I've some sewing projects in mind that I long wanted to do but never been able to start since I picked up the knitting interest. So, with this sew-along-group, I wish I can do the KIV sewing projects together with other members in this group. I'm sure it'll be fun and enjoyable and I'm really looking forward to it.
The skirt that I'll be doing for this first project will be my own pattern of layered skirt. I've drafted a simple sketch of the skirt to be and I'll be using my fabric stash of plain beige thin and light cotton. Since the fabric is thin, I'll be doing the skirt in 3 layers, with the lining as the most inner layer, simple A-line with lace bottom on the middle and layered on the outer layer. Can't start it yet cause I'm out of zipper and lace, hopefully I'll get it by this week and get it start soon.

Here we go...

Here's my skirt, cut out and ready for me to start sewing...

And here's my little blue Mini Ultra. What do you guys sew with? My mom used to have a Singer, but she kept having to take it in for repairs and finally ended up buying a Bernina. I can't afford investing in a Bernina right now, but I remember when I took sewing lessons in intermediate school my teacher always complained about how much trouble Singer machines were. Then again, my grandma sewed with an old Singer machine for years.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I picked a pattern

I went to JoAnn's last night and picked out this pattern, Simplicity 5914. I think I will end up making the top or middle left (A or B).

I looked for fabric, but they didn't really have anything I liked. I really would like to find something to coordinate with this so I can have a complete spring outfit!
I dropped off my machine for a tune-up/cleaning yesterday. I won't have it back for about two weeks, but hope to find some fabric and possibly start cutting while I'm waiting for my machine to be done.

Hello from a relative newbie to sewing!

Hi all

I'm a knitter in the UK, but I've always been interested in sewing. I've tried making a few things before when I first got my sewing machine 10 years ago, but I think I over reached a bit then, so it has come out of storage on average of a few times a year to do nothing but hemming. Last year I managed a bag from a pattern, which I ended up being really pleased with. Then, at the end of last year, I went with DB to Minneapolis while he was there for a conference, and discovered the wonderful world of US craft shops. We have nothing quite as cool over here I'm afraid, or at least nothing where I live! I ended up buying an Amy Butler bag pattern with some cool toothy fabric for it (it has been cut, but I need to get some sew on velcro before I can sew it up), and a Favorite Things skirt pattern.

SO, I intend to make the skirt pattern for this sewalong, with the aim of making something wearable without it looking too handmade! I'm talking suitable for work here, which might be pushing it a bit... The pattern is V023 - Cute Skirts, and I plan to make the one without the gores or flounce. Just a simple 8 panels with waist band.

So, from the pic I'm making the 2nd from the right. I'm hoping the length will be ok - I matched it against a skirt I already have and wear fairly often, and it will be about the same length as long as I remember to make the seams the right width, which has been an error in the past...

Fabric shops are also comparatively poor here I'm afraid :( Most of the stuff is synthetic, but the good stuff is sold at pretty high prices - linen in my local market sewing shop is 12 quid a metre, when you can get it online for much less than that. Thing is, I like to feel the fabric, and I don't trust colours on websites as much as I do with yarn, because light and the drape would make a big difference. So I still toddled off to the market stall looking for something plausible to use, and found this.

Don't ask me what fibre content it is! It just said "suiting - mixed fibres" on the label, but it was 4.99 a metre, is lovely and soft, and medium weight with a very attractive diagonal weave (a little like denim), so it should be good for a spring skirt to carry me through the chill. It feels a little wooly, but not very much, so maybe there is a bit of nature in there somewhere. And please note that it isn't quite as purple as that - it is more of a dusky rose pink, so it should go well with my mainly black or chocolate colour wardrobe ;)

If this goes well, I might be daring enough to make another in the same material, and try out some Wool and Hoop style crewel embroidery on the bottom of one of the front panels... I love the pic on front of the book they've done :D

Friday, February 10, 2006

Whoo! It's great to be in Cleveland! (er,I mean hello)

Hello all! It's going to be great to see all of your work and to share mine as well.

I recently completed this skirt, the first skirt I've ever made, and I'm quite happy with it, I must say.

I used the Sew Betsy Ross Pattern for the A-Line Skirt. It wasn't partiularly challenging, but that was perfect for my first skirt. I really like it and the red lightweight denim I used, though it's not photographing very well.

I was proud that I sewed in my first zipper, as well, though I wonked it up a bit. It was supposed to be a hidden/flapped zipper, but I ended up sewing something wrong in the waistband and screwed all of that up.

But hey, I still like it. I might add embroidery or a sewn zig-zag hem. I hand-hemmed as instructed, but didn't fold it over twice because I liked the length. This makes for a tenuous hem that can be seen quite easily in all of its jagged unfinished-ness should a gust of wind come by. I'm thinking a nice royal blue contrast stitch would be nice.

So I think that I might use this pattern again for this sew-along to make a better, more work appropriate skirt. And get the hidden zipper right this time. Heh. I will post updates as they come.

Sew ON!

Hey all, I'm Allena My normal blog home is Star Knits. About 2 years ago I was all gung ho about making a skirt. I bought fabric and patterns and then never got around to actually sewing anything... So when I saw this sew along I knew I HAD to join. I guess craftiness spreads in the family. My mother sews she actually sewed this dress for me. (and smocked it) when I was a baby. I have it now for my daughters. I hadn't actually intro'd myself yet b/c well I was putting off digging in my closet to get my sewing stash out. So today I did exactly what I'd been putting off. I was motivated what can I say. I dug out all my skirt patterns and the fabric I had previously picked out for a skirt. I must finish what I started.
well I narrowed my choice to TWO... I'm not quite sure which one I want to make first. If you go here they're both on this page. note to self: don't go to that website and just "look" around b/c I'm already wanting a TON more patterns. This is sooo addicting. I have them on the fabric I'd like to make them in. There's this one Simplicity #5914 (a length btwn B and A mid calf i think)that I love the style of it. so prim and proper and yet sexy. The fabric is a heavy tan type of jean material. And I have a zipper and interfacing somewhere around here. I just have to look for it. And not put it off. I'm a huge procrastinator!
there's this one Simplicity 5505 F style, flirty and airy. the fabric is cotton that is soft and I love the flowers. Almost Hawaiian look to it but with more muted colors. It's a 2 hour skirt so I could make it and in theory wear it to church on Sunday.. We'll see how that goes... Procrastinate, procrastinate.....
so I'm trying to decide which one I want to make. They're both wonderful patterns and I love the fabrics. I'm torn.. Any help?
I'm up for the challenge of the fitted and zipper skirt and I think it's super fab. I have wonderful shoes that would match. But the other one is so simple and pretty and girly. And lets face it sometimes I need to feel girly!
I think I'll probably end up making both of them I just don't know where to start........
ok well with that I'll leave you...