Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another Jen Joins the Fun

I was immediately intrigued by this sew-along, but fought the urge to join. I don’t really wear skirts, and I already have Too Many Projects (my blog). I figured I would watch your progress on your skirts, and I would consider joining at a later time on a different project. Obviously I couldn’t resist any longer, because here I am!

I bought a sewing machine in 2000 and made some smallish quilt projects, as well as two larger quilt tops that still need to be quilted. I have a serious problem with quilting UFO’s. 2004 was a very busy year for me (getting married, moving, etc.) so my poor machine was neglected. I started to knit in Nov. 2004 and haven’t looked back. I tried working on a quilt a few months ago, but quickly became frustrated. Either my machine was out of whack from lack of use or I had forgotten everything about sewing.

This wonderful sew-along has already prompted me to call the shop and ask about a cleaning/tune-up for my machine. (FYI: The woman suggested a cleaning every 2 years. Whoops!) I hope to have my machine back by the start of the sew-along.

I have never sewn an article of clothing, so I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's progress and tips. I bought some flannel and a pattern for lounge pants a few years back, and well, it’s still a very large piece of flannel. I bought the smallest pattern (6-8-10), not realizing that a size 10 is for people with a 25 inch waist. That’s why this is such a great idea, we all can learn from each other! Someone already posted about not looking at the actual size, but looking at the measurements instead.

I hope to find a pattern and fabric in the next week.