Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A short history of a nutty knitter!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to sew. Nothing was safe from her eager, needle holding hands, particularly Dad's old socks from the odd sock bag, which were made into, ahem, less than glamorous dresses for Barbies that had long since lost their hair. Then, as the years went by, she discovered other crafts, and the sewing fell somewhat by the wayside. Who wanted to sit down at a sewing machine when there were jumpers to knit, canvases to paint and papier mache to mold?

Then one day, when she least expected it, the sewing bug hit again, this time so badly that her nerdy job was tossed in and a fashion course was enrolled in. All was going well, with first year almost completed, when she suffered a bad case of morning sickness. Apart from a few bunny rugs and pairs of hospital pyjamas, the sewing machine was put away until the stork had well and truly left the building.

But now the bundle of joy that the stork left has begun to grow up a little. Toddlers clothes have been made, and the sewing machine is humming again. Perhaps, just perhaps, it's time for Mum to get a brand new skirt.

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