Monday, February 06, 2006

Jen's Intro

Growing up, I would sit amongst my mother's fabric stash and watch her sew clothing and home decor items. My grandmother taught me hand sewing and embroidery before I turned 10. A few years later, I was doing alterations, designing pieces, and costuming. Since then, I've taken up quilting, knitting, and dabbling in other crafts like beading and polymer clay. Knitting has comprised the majority of my projects due to the portability and availability to fill small time slots. I continue to sew smaller items like bags and needle holders which only take one to two hours of work. (Sewing machine neglect.)

Ready made patterns never give me the fit or look I intend. I'll be designing a skirt pattern. I've been drawing out sketches and need to raid my fabric stash a design board. You can visit my live journal or my ultra new Crafty Canary (allergy free) blog.

Good Luck, everyone!