Monday, February 06, 2006

Allison in Los Angeles Reporting for Duty


I am very excited to be hitching up to this train! I can't believe how many people were interested! And we have some experienced sewwers in the bunch. That is going to become very important as we newbies have questions.

First, a little about me. My name is Allison and my blog is Neophyte Knitter. I am a civil engineer in Los Angeles, living with my magician boyfriend and two cats. I have been knitting for almost 5 years but my sewing skills are pretty minimal. I know I made a sweatshirt in 6th grade home economics but the only thing I recall is what a bobbin is! Still sewing is a skill I want to gain a little mastery over, if just to be able to sew linings in my knits so I asked and received a sewing machine for Christmas. This skirt will be my first garment.

Without further ado, here is my pattern. It's actually a Destination India one but for some reason on-line it goes by a different number. The skirts circled are the two I am trying to decide between. I am not sure which will be more flattering.

And here are my supplies. I chose this starry green fabric because it reminded me of Springtime. As well as the accoutrements as required on the pattern. I will have to shorten the zipper since they didn't have a matching one in the size I needed. I do have one question thought...what is twill tape? And is it the same as Bias Tape? I got both just in case since one was the color I wanted.