Sunday, February 05, 2006

Laina's Intro

Hi all! My name is Laina, aka Wicked Knitter, and I'm going to be sewing the Betsey Ross #001 A-line skirt pattern. I just went to the fabric store yesterday and picked out some nice brown fabric. I bought my interfacing, zipper, and clasp as well.

I took sewing lessons when I was little (around 12 years old), and made a few simple garments like a t-shirt, sewing bag, jumper, etc. Since then I've only done intermittent, basic sewing like a pillow case. I haven't made anything from a pattern in about 10 years, so I remember NOTHING! I just ordered a book, Sewing 101, which had some good reviews, so I look forward to learning all about it. I can't wait to start!

I have a question for those in the know: my sewing machine is over 10 years old. I use it every once in a blue moon. Do I need to oil it or something before using it again regularly? Thanks.