Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jessica's Intro

Hi everyone. I'm Jessica of Rose-Kim Knits. I have completed a few sewing projects in my life (like the lion costume I made for my son for Halloween when he was 1 that took me about a month--I made him and his brother both wear it two years in a row to try to feel like it was a useful way to spend my time). But generally I think of myself as a very beginner (and bad) seamstress. I've had the Sew Fast, Sew Easy book--please don't throw anything at me--on my bookshelf for several years but still never got around to figuring the whole sewing thing out. Then my machine broke for the zillionth time. So this week my new sewing machine arrived. I looked over the SFSE book again last night and decided I don't like the skirt in there so I need to go on the hunt again for a pattern. I've been looking over some of your selections so far and found myself awake last night at 1:30 still slogging through all the pattern sites. The hunt is still on.