Monday, February 06, 2006


Hello, I'm Steph of Craftoholic. I used to sew quite a lot when I was younger and even took some advanced sewing classes at my local college. But I've pretty much forgotten all about sewing fancy and now even zippers scare me. I think this sew-along will be great for sharing help and ideas and of course, making cool garments! I've picked a Burda pattern (forgot the number, will update soon) and some light-blue silk/linen/wool blend. I've washed my fabric and cut the paper pattern pieces. I'm thinking of making a mock-up in muslin first to make sure the fit is good. While I have lots of patience frogging yarn, ripping back seams is not a favorite.
A little tip on selecting the right pattern size ( I've learned this the hard way, hence I have a few patterns that even a Hollywood starlet would have a hard time fitting into): Your dress size is not the same as your pattern size (at least for Vogue et al.) While I'm a dress size 6, my pattern size is 14. You should measure your bust, waist and hip before you go to pick a pattern, and check the measurements on the pattern envelope. If your waist measurement falls into one size but your hip into another, pick the pattern according to your hip measurement. It will be easier to alter the pattern to a smaller waist than the other way around.