Friday, February 10, 2006

Whoo! It's great to be in Cleveland! (er,I mean hello)

Hello all! It's going to be great to see all of your work and to share mine as well.

I recently completed this skirt, the first skirt I've ever made, and I'm quite happy with it, I must say.

I used the Sew Betsy Ross Pattern for the A-Line Skirt. It wasn't partiularly challenging, but that was perfect for my first skirt. I really like it and the red lightweight denim I used, though it's not photographing very well.

I was proud that I sewed in my first zipper, as well, though I wonked it up a bit. It was supposed to be a hidden/flapped zipper, but I ended up sewing something wrong in the waistband and screwed all of that up.

But hey, I still like it. I might add embroidery or a sewn zig-zag hem. I hand-hemmed as instructed, but didn't fold it over twice because I liked the length. This makes for a tenuous hem that can be seen quite easily in all of its jagged unfinished-ness should a gust of wind come by. I'm thinking a nice royal blue contrast stitch would be nice.

So I think that I might use this pattern again for this sew-along to make a better, more work appropriate skirt. And get the hidden zipper right this time. Heh. I will post updates as they come.