Monday, February 13, 2006

the honest to goodness truth about me

Hi everybody! My name is Mery from Pijije. I'm a brand new citizen of blogland, so please come visit. And here's the truth: I'm a long time knitter, first time sewer. I don't know how to sew. I had never touched a sewing machine up until 2 weeks ago. My plan was to take a class at my local fabric store and make the skirt then... but, the class was full. So I'm left to my own devices and between the pattern instructions and the help of my trusty book(Sewing 101), I will try my best to make a decent skirt. Originally I was going to make just a pull up skirt but I'm afraid that will be less than flattering for the hips. I fell in love with the pattern that Flying Pizza posted a few days ago, so I ordered it from Betsy Ross, the A-line skirt. I still don't have the fabric but I will get it this weekend. I'm going to need lots and lots and lots of help. Wish me luck!