Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hello from Malaysia

I'm Vivian, a beginner knitter from Malaysia and I do sewing as well. I've some sewing projects in mind that I long wanted to do but never been able to start since I picked up the knitting interest. So, with this sew-along-group, I wish I can do the KIV sewing projects together with other members in this group. I'm sure it'll be fun and enjoyable and I'm really looking forward to it.
The skirt that I'll be doing for this first project will be my own pattern of layered skirt. I've drafted a simple sketch of the skirt to be and I'll be using my fabric stash of plain beige thin and light cotton. Since the fabric is thin, I'll be doing the skirt in 3 layers, with the lining as the most inner layer, simple A-line with lace bottom on the middle and layered on the outer layer. Can't start it yet cause I'm out of zipper and lace, hopefully I'll get it by this week and get it start soon.