Sunday, February 19, 2006


Hello! My name is Becca, I'm at nutmegknitter. I bought myself a sewing machine back in June '05 as a birthday present and I've used it very very little. I'm feeling confident enough in my knitting skills to shift some crafty attention to fabrics. My previous experience is very limited to costume crew in high school theatre. I'm a middle school science teacher, and am looking forward to this week of February vacation to get started on this sew-a-long.

I've got two potential patterns: McCall's 2 Hour Skirt (#2029) and New Look *easy #6345 - I'm leaning to the New Look one, likely with the denim type fabric - it's hard to tell from the photo, that's the one on the left - it has embroidery on it - flowers / vines. I adore the fabric on the right, but it is heavier and I think may be a type of home decor fabric (I don't recall). I find that most of the cottons feel too thin to me to try and work with, but the patterns that I like are on very heavy fabrics - maybe I should focus more on home decor! :)

I'm planning to wash the fabric today and possibly even cut the pieces! So exciting!