Friday, March 31, 2006

A Total Bag Lady

How perfect is this?
I am a total bag lady. One pair of black pumps, one pair of taupe, a gazillion totes and sacks and purses. We all have our thing. Amazingly, I haven't knit or felted a bag yet... I am afraid that once I start, I won't knit my socks anymore! I am too cold to let that happen! But that is another blog...

Big Ideas

I have a book I love called Sewing Terrific Totes and Carryalls by Carol Parks.

I am thinking of modifying this quilted duffle into something more tote shaped (a little taller, I think.)

With this material. The roosters on the outside and the batik on the inside- fussy cutting so that the yellow star ends up in the middle of the bottom.

I am going to make this for my sister, if I can bear to part with it. My mom warned her recently not to tell people that she likes roosters or she will end up with a houseful. I would like to say though, that the rooster thing started because my Godmother passed away in November and my sister wanted the ceramic Rooster that was in her kitchen as a momento, but someone else more directly related had already made dibs on it. Now she is looking for something similar to remind her of Patti. Not that we have to try hard to remember her.

And Then...

From a great book called Bags with Style by Stephanie Kimura,

the Zanzibar purse in Dragonflies.

I am a bit concerned that the spacing on the dragonflies is a bit too much to work with the size of the purse. I need to fiddle with it a bit more to see. I love the bamboo handles with this fabric. This picture doesn't do it justice. The picture above gives a better idea of the luster of the fabric and the depth of color. Yum.

So this is ME. I am thrilled to be a part of Sew? I knit!

Bags On the Brain

Hi all. I'm Sarah R.. I'm a non-practicing massage therapist, mother of two, and relatively new knitter. I taught myself to knit when I was pregnant with my first but did little with my then newly aquired skill. I picked it up again last October while is in search of a bit of zen; a little something to do with my hands that would bring calm to my frantic and stressed out brain. In the process, I rekindled my love of fiber (Danger Will Robinson!!!) from my days as a weaver (if faced with a loom today I couldn't thread it to save my life, so while being a former weaver may sound impressive, in my case it really isn't) and in so doing created a serious addiction (oh, the yarn I would buy if I won the Powerball). I'm the daughter of an amazing seamstress but possess only limited sewing skills myself. Regardless, my mom very generously saw fit to give me a sewing machine as a gift after my first was born.

My plan this month is to start small and if time and life permit move onto more ambitious (for me) projects. To begin I hope make a few bags from this pattern (look closely, there is a bag there).

I've made this bag before while it doesn't provide a challenge it's simplicity does mean that I can make one (or maybe even two) over the course of a single nap. Bonus. Plus who can resist a purse for a little girl? Not me.

If that goes well then I'll move onto one of the ever popular Amy Bulter bag patterns. The Chelsea Bags, Dorthy Bag, and Madison Bags are all in the running.

So is the Mr. Bedbug Ditty Bag (pretty flippin' cute, huh?) but the others have slightly more appeal because...well...they'd be for me instead of one of my kids. How novel is that???


My name is Aurora

and I'll be sewing a bag along with all of you in the coming weeks. I am still trying to puzzle out which pattern to use, and I'll be posting possibilities on my blog if you care to help me choose.
I am an old sewer from waaaay back...I learned when I was nine. I am a new knitter though, just taught myself about three years ago.
I'm glad to be part of this group. Thanks!

Zipper and Interfacing

Hi Everyone! I love how active this blog is-I’m getting so inspired!

I’m making a small tote for my first bag and I’d like to make an inside zippered pocket, which is not included in the pattern. I’m not sure I can figure it out on my own! Does anyone have experience doing this or know of a good tutorial?

Second question: My pattern calls for “interfacing”. When I made my skirt, the pattern was very specific that I needed “lightweight fusible interfacing.” I’m not sure what will be best for my bag: medium, heavyweight, fusible, non-fusible?

My purse pattern

I have decided to do the free purse pattern on the Joann's webpage here is the link

Vintage Fabric Handbag has anyone done this bag before? I am unsure how to do the scoop part. Maybe I should just try a trial one and see how it comes out

Any suggestions or comments??

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hello, my name is Sharon. I just learned how to knit this past fall and have been sewing/crafting on and off for the past 10 years. I recently started a blog, MySewCalledBlog, to encourage myself to be more productive in my crafting, especially sewing. However, the blog is still in the development stages. Right now, I'm on the borderline of being a crafter or being a collector of crafty things. I am determined to be a crafter!
Anyway, finding this sew-along is great timing because I just got a new handbag pattern. The Everyday Handbag pattern by Muse Sewing Workshops looks very promising. An easy project to jump start my sewing. Now off to the fabric store...

OK, so I lied.

Initially, I posted that I was going to sit out this round. Well, the felted messenger bag I made to bring things to school was a bust. I've decided it's A. not sturdy enough for my things and B. Too bright for business school where we all need to look nice and drab. So it will now be my craft bag, and I'm going to sew a standard, Craftster-tutorial style messenger bag out of a sturdy grey canvas with a more colorful lining.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm In...

Hooray, I am in. This will be lots of fun. I have sewn for many years but it has been pushed to the wayside for knitting and other things. It will be nice to give my new sewing machine a workout!!!
Now to find a pattern!
Vanessa from NY

I'm so excited to join...

My name is Rhiannon and I can be found at RhiannKnits where I am sometimes a very good blogger but most of the time a huge slacker.

I started knitting in late 2003 when I was living in Alaska (they have the BEST yarn selection up there!) and have been obsessed ever since. I mostly use patterns that I alter to my liking (I don't think I have ever followed a pattern exactly) and have designed a few of my own. Not much, just a couple of bags.

I first learned to sew while pretty young, my mom used to make most our clothes while growing up. She was an amazing sewer, making her prom dresses, my sister's prom dresses and used to have a business making little girls dresses. Somehow I missed out on her making my prom dresses, we just found them SOOOO cheap in the store (I bought one of them for $20). So I made small things with a lot of help from her. But when I really began was about 6 months ago when I received a sewing machine as a wedding present. Now my love for knitting is shifting around, but not being entirely neglected.

I was inspired by a bag I saw on etsy that had a tie making up the handle, sides and base of a purse, so I bought some ties to make my own pattern. However, I am very busy with school, so I found a pattern for an entire tie purse and will make it for this project. I have a very good friend who wants one as well, so I will be making two at once. These are the two ties I already have, so I am going to try to commit to a brown/blue/orangey color theme for mine. I hope I can find 13 ties of these color combos. We are hitting the thrift stores this weekend!

First time

Hi! I'm Karen M and this is the first time I've joined any type of Along. I've been knitting on and off for the last ten years. I used to sew when I was in Junior High and High School, but I haven't done much more than sew on a button or two since then.

I'm really excited about this. In fact, I've informed my husband that we are going to the fabric store on Saturday morning. I think I am going to do the simple tote bag from JoAnn, the free pattern mentioned in another post. I would love to make the Amy Butler Weekender Bag, but I am going to wait and see how much of my sewing knowledge comes back to me.

Yet Another Introduction

Hi, everyone! I'm Denise (and my blog is here). I've been knitting for almost a year, but I've never joined a knit-along or a sew-along, so this is an entirely new experience for me. Although I wasn't able to join the skirt SAL in time, I made a skirt anyway. It went quite well, until I started to trim the bottom hem with my pinking shears and accidentally cut a hole right in the middle of the skirt. Lesson learned! Hopefully, my bag will be more successful...

The print fabric is a cotton from Ikea- that will be the lining. The khaki fabric is a heavy cotton (I think) from Walmart that seems durable enough to form the exterior of my bag. I don't intend to use a specific pattern, but I thought that I would try to follow the tutorial on Craftster for a messenger bag with gusset. My objective is to make something capable of holding my wallet, a notebook and/or magazine, assorted girly stuff, and the odd knitting project.

Half Way Through

I actually started sewing the swing bag about two weeks ago. Suppose to finish the lining and put the pieces together last weekend, but came down with a terrible cold. So hopefully, I'll be able to get it done this week.

*Waving* I'm IN!!!

I'm Betty - Bea - Beatrice! I've got a husband, 3 daughters age 24, 16 and 18, 4 cats (mine is Biscuit!) and 2 dogs! I knit, I SEW, I bake and read and eat too much! thus, I am a Fluffy Knitter .

Ok. So my bag. Well my Secret Pal (7) just sent me a FABULOUS little booklet called .... Easy Denim Purses .... and I am going to DESIGN a bag similar to the the Duffel Bag found therein!

I had so much FUN with the SEW-A-Skirt-Along (even though unofficially - I still made THREE skirts!) that I am TOTALLY excited to be here for the SEW-A-Bag-Along! :o)

Oh. And I would be considered - um .... a professional. I have been paid to sew. To alter. To create! :o) However? I am LEARNING new stuff all the time! I tend to be a little eccentric in my endeavors! So a 'real' professional would probably laugh at me!

Ok ... sew?

I'm going to go SEW!!!!


the Bea

Sewing Knitting Bag

My name is Paula, and my blog is pjbknit. I have a pattern that I would like to make, Simplicity 4542, a pattern with knitting bags. The larger with the a needle roll attached is the one I want to make. I plan to use Michael Miller's Knit Wits fabric with cats, yarn, etc. I ordered two additional coordinating fabrics with skeins of yarn and knitting terms . I learned to sew as a teen, (I am now in my, ahem, 40s.) I actually have two sewing machines--I SEW with a Bernina 1090 (it was my present to myself when I graduated from library school and got a job) and embroider and do buttonholes with a Brother 8500. I have not sewn much since I dove headlong into knitting again.

Oops, forgot to introduce myself

Pardon my manners. Hi, I'm Carine. I'm new to this a-long thing and I've been quilting for about a year and knitting for 2yrs. I would like to get better at both. I've never made a bag before, so this should be fun! I'll be making the Amy Butler In Town Smart handbag. Pic of the fabric is in an earlier post. My blog is

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amy Butler Pattern Source

For those of you that are or are thinking about making an Amy Butler bag, I found a seller on eBay who is selling her patterns for $9.99 - $11.99 plus free shipping.

Island Girl Handbags and Patterns

Can you believe this tiny idea for a knitters' sew-along has grown to include over 150 knitters!?


Hello everyone! I'm Kristy, I'm a knitter, and I have sewn very little. I finished a couple of pairs of pajama pants, and though I wasn't in the SAL for the last project, I did sew a skirt during the time when it was going on. I haven't decided on a bag pattern yet. You can check out my infrequently updated blog here.

Howdy! (A boring post with no pictures)

(Well, my son hit publish while I was away from the computer, sorry about that!)

My name is Carrie, and I'm happy to be joining y'all! I have been knitting for about a year and a half now, and I have been sewing -- at least, I've owned a sewing machine -- since Christmas. The truth is until I received my sewing machine as a gift, I'd never even turned one on, so I'm truly starting from ground zero.

Since then, I've sewn two capes for my son (with much help from my mom) and I'm working on a lining for a bag that I knit (all by myself). I'm in the process of ripping out the side seams because I sewed them in the wrong place, but overall I'm happy with how the project is going.

So I'm thrilled to be joining y'all and can't wait to actually do something useful with my sewing machine! I haven't picked out a bag or a pattern yet; I'm hoping to get some time to do that this weekend. I'll let y'all know when I get that far!

Hello! introduction, and my bag project

fabric for the bag
from Hancock Fabrics

Hello! I'm RheLynn, from Tennessee. My friend Chris told me about this blog, because she knows I want to make this messenger bag from the craftster forum! She also knows my sewing projects have been taking over my 'knitting blog.' *grins* Yes, they have.

I've made bags before, but never to the level of quality I am hoping for in this project. My goal is to improve my finishing techniques.

My daily carryalong has recently begun to fray and fall apart at the handle -- and I can't repair it :o( So, a new bag it is (with a strong handle!). I'll be glad to see the other projects as they come along too. The skirts looked great! I have a skirt in mind also, for later, too bad I missed that project :o(

I like Asian patterns and also Marimekko, so these fabrics are my attempt at those themes, except with local resources.. which aren't much unless you drive to Memphis or Nashville. The white fabric is for the outside of the bag, and the patchwork Asian fabric will be the lining. I hope to include a few extra pockets in the pattern.

Nice to meet you! You can find me over at my blog KnitOwl for everything else!

Found a website

I just found this website while surfing.

May prove helpful to anyone using a pattern they didn't make themselves. Gives a heads up and pattern review from those who've already worked on that particular pattern.


Hi From Melanie

Hi, I just wanted to stop by and say hello! I've been sewing since I was in Junior High and have been knitting since just after college. I mostly knit these days but it will be fun to get some sewing done too. More details are on my blog if you want them. I will probably be making a knitting bag - I'm thinking of something for sock knitting. I might do one for my Sockapaloooza pal too, just as an extra something to go with her socks. Anyway, thanks for letting me join! I've got to go stash diving and see what I want to use - my fabric stash is bigger than my yarn stash, but I used to work at a quilt store.


I've already picked a pattern. It's this one (Butterick B4248):

Except mine will be done in colors that aren't so ... pastel. My current plan is to use some Amy Butler Fat Quarters because I love them. You may not. But it is my bag. So there.

Um...moving on...

I chose the bag I did because I have been inspired to try quilting by Ms Shelley, whose baby quilt for Maddy is now in Cory's room. I stare at it every night as I convince him to sleep. I still love it.

This bag seems like a low-committment way to give it a try.

One day, when I know what things like "Heavy Duty Template Plastic" and "wide extra-heavy stabilizer" are, I want to make this. Right now, tho, the very idea scares me. I'll have to live vicariously through SAL Cyndi.
Hiya Everyone!!

I love, love to sew bags...not sure yet of what pattern...probably something il create on my own...i do have tons and tons of various yards of fabric...will probably go with something that is pink...(favorite color)...i have recently just got back into knitting ..been sewing/crocheting for yrs and yrs....~looking forward to sewing with everyone~

Hello from Brandie ...

Hello everyone! My name is Brandie and I am excited because this is my first sew along! Yeah!!!
A mini bio: I'm a sahm of 3 living in the Chicago-land area. I have a 6 year old girl, 3 year old girl and 3 month old boy. I like to knit, sew, scrapbook, embroider, etc, etc.
I haven't picked a project quite yet, but I would like to make a knitting bag, needle holder bag, daiper bag and purse. Hopefully I can accomplish just one of them within the alloted time! LOL!
Happy sewing everyone =)

Ready to go!

I've picked out my pattern and fabric - can't wait to get started! Anyone else planning to make the Amy Butler Weekender Bag?


This is also my first "a-long" and I'm excited to get started on my bag. I've done some sewing in my past, but it has been quite a few years since I've attempted anything other than hemming pants!

I don't have much of a plan yet, but I'm putting my own twist on the project: I am only going to use items I already own and I am going to figure out a pattern as I go along.

Pictured above is the lower half of a skirt that had to be cut shorter after the skirt got damaged in the washing machine. This lower part has a snap-clasp, ribbon and lots of large areas of fabric. My goal is to make a bag that is big enough for just a couple of credit cards, my keys and my cellphone. I also have some fabric from an old sheet that will be perfect for the lining.

me: Michelle L. (a.k.a. Mishka)

Ready to go!

I bought 3 different fabrics to make those "Jo-Ann" totes with....(they're 30% off this week). I have never used fusible interfacing before. I am assuming it's used to make the bags "sturdier"...right? So much to learn....

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


This is my first ever along. I was too late for the skirt project, but since I have a particular weakness for bags I was thrilled to hear about this one. I'm going to make the Amy Butler "Smartbag". The tropical print is the exterior, the stripe will be the lining.

Will you forgive me....

For finishing even before the start date? I just couldn't resist...

I was planning on using a pattern for this one, since I've always just made my bags up as I went, but I couldn't find anything like I wanted. And I had a specific idea in mind. It needed to be big enough to carry all my stuff to work on the bus, but look professional and nice and go with most of my coats/outfits. I got this great fabric from Wal-Mart, of all places, for $2 a yard and I knew it would be perfect, especially with my jean jacket! So I drew up some ideas and just decided to go for it. The size is perfect (14"x10"x3") and I put a zipper on it (the first on any bag I've done). It's got a little pleat at the top, which brings it in a bit. I'm really really happy with the results and I've gotten lots of compliments on it so far too! I actually used an old belt for the handles and they are the pefect length, long enough to go over my shoulder, but it looks good as a "handbag" too. I started it on Friday night, finished it that night except for the handles, which I put on Sat. morning and wore out that day!

Anyway, thanks for getting me inspired on this, I think it would have taken me a while to do it, if I wasn't so excited about the next project here to begin with!

Hello fellow baggers!

I am Rachel and I am going to be making my own knitting bag. I really like this bag, but lack the funds to buy it. My husband and I have been working very hard to design this bag. Here he is with all of his tools measuring it out for me.

Here is the material that I have had for a while. Its vintage Waverly drapery fabric from Randy's grandmother and silk dupioni for the lining. This is going to be a fun month and after trying to figure this bag out I realize now why they charge $150 for it.

Everyone's bags look great and Im really glad to be a part of this group.


I am a physicist by education, and a knitter by self-education--from library books. My grandma taught me to sew when I was quite young, but I haven't gotten far beyond the basics. I have an old $3 garage sale sewing machine that only does straight stitch and zigzag.

I will be designing and sewing a "church purse" bag to hold my Bible, Hipster PDA (stack of index cards held together by a binder clip), pen, and Kleenex. I want a more graceful way of carrying these things, especially with our first little one due to arrive in October. I will probably use scrap corduroy in jewel colors from my fabric stash, in my usual spirit of "making something from nothing".

My blog is at .


Pink Knitting Needle Bag for Project Spectrum

This is the first of several bags I'd like to do, but I figured a bag is a bag, so I may as well post it!

This is what the bag looks like when you open it. I used the pattern from Stitch n' Bitch, but modified it to include a layer of pockets for my DPNs. The fabric is nice and sturdy cotton from Hancock Fabrics.

I had fun making this. You can read more about it at my blog: Chef Messy

For future plans, I'd really like to make something from this book.

I also have my skirt done, but still haven't had time to put it on and take a picture! (I'm waiting to shave my legs! ;) )


Hi! This will be my first SAL. I have been a knitter for over a year. I am finishing my 2nd sweater and I learned cables over the winter and I have mastered socks. I have been sewing less than a year. My hubby bought me a sewing machine last mother's day and I have made a couple of small projects, small quilts and one full sized "Turning Twenty" batik quilt. I have made some small zippered bags (Denyse Schmidt pattern) and a wine bottle bag (to match my knitting bag). But this will be my first tote.

The pattern is from Jo-Ann Fabrics and it uses decorator upholstry-like fabric and fusible interfacing. The pattern was free, but very hard to find. The picture was in the sales flyer but the pattern was not on the website as stated. I contacted the company and they emailed me the patterns. If anyone wants the pattern let me know. I have patterns for all 3 bags and matching eyeglass case...they look like "beginner" patterns too.

Thanks for including me!


Hi all!

I’m excited to join in on the sew-along. I admired everyone’s skirts last month but since I’m lacking in both a sewing machine and sewing machine skills, I didn’t attempt one. Now bags, bags are something a sewing-machine illiterate like me can actually accomplished! (Hmm…hope I didn’t just jinx myself there since I don’t have too much sewing experience.) Coincidentally, I just bought this wonderful book of bag patterns two weeks ago and have really been wanting an excuse to try out some of them. Here are the two that I am trying to decide between and some possible fabric (though more choices from Reprodepot are waiting for me at the UPS warehouse). I think the spotted tote bag would make a perfect knitting bag.

I did a test of the cut-outs on the purse with the three fabric in the above photo (more details about what this test piece got turned into on my blog) and am not sure if I like the effect.

Would light spots on a dark background and uniformly sized spots look better? What do you all think?

Monday, March 27, 2006


Hi, I'm new to this sew-a-long. I missed the skirt by a few days, but I still might make one eventually. I've already picked out a bag pattern and my fabric. I'm going to make a knitting bag to carry all my stuff, customized so I know I'll have all the pockets I need. I'm also going to make one for a friend (shhh, it's a secret) and her birthday is in the second week of April, so I'll have to hustle. Can't wait to get started!

Bag #1

I bought this pattern (McCall's 3136, I'm making the blue bag) ~3 years ago, but like many of my other projects, it was stuck in the pile of things to do someday. Now I have the motivation to get going on it! I bought some fabric today, so I'm ready to roll. The floral print will be the outside, the green is the lining. This bag is going to be used to store my cross stitch projects. I'd like to make a knitting tote, too, but I'm waiting to find the perfect pattern. Looking forward to seeing everyone's bags!

I'm In!

I am in for the bag-along! I'll be sewing another One for All Shoulder Bag from Betsy Ross. You can see the one I've already finished here. I'll be sewing a new one, maybe two, and getting crafty with them.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Plans for new bags

Hi everyone -

I've just joined this sew-along, and I'm pretty psyched to sew up some bags next month. I'm planning on making a tote and a handbag - both self-designed. I've got some 60s barkcloth from Reprodepot for the tote, and I'm planning to use some recycled fabric (from an old tote that's falling apart) for the handbag.

Just FYI, there's a great list of bag tutorials on Craftster (including a messenger bag that I designed and made) - you can see the list here.

from A Mingled Yarn

Bag Brainstorming

Hmm! Bags, hunh?

Well, when I first read that our "next assignment" (you can tell I'm a student), I intially thought of sewing a handbag. A purse, per se, that I could carry around my wallet, keys, cell and other life's essentials around in. But as I thought about it some more, I only really use purse like bags on weekends or evenings, as on weekdays I'm lugging around a backpack. I carry a laptop from home to school and back again each day. Granted its only a wee 12" powerbook, so it doesn't take up *that* much room and I could sew a handbag that would fit the computer.

However, I've noticed that lately I've been spending a lot of time surfing certain messenger bag companies. I want a messenger bag. Although so much more feminine, a shoulder bag isn't entirely practical, as I sometimes ride a bike to school (even when I have a skirt on). When I first came up with the crazy idea to sew myself a messenger bag, I had to come to terms with the fact that I don't want to sew one out of any old fabric. I want one that would be just as durable as a store bought one (without paying 100$ for it). I know that I want this messenger bag to be made out of cordura or ballistic nylon...and I have a felling that I want the primary colour for this bag to be orange. After an hour or two of googling, I finally found a company with a wide array of fabric (codura, ripstop nylon and others) and notions for sewing bags. I believe that Mountain Equipment Co-op, a Canadian version of R.E.I. uses the same supplier for its cordura.

Although I haven't yet place an order with Textile Outfitters I've been thinking about what features I want for the bag. Do I want the front to be plain (a solid colour) or do I want to adorn it in one way or another? Do I want there to outside pockets, an internal divider, a pen holder, a cell phone holder, or other misc pockets? These are all things I need to think about. Not to mention the colour scheme, and what kind of bias tape will I use!

Please excuse me while I return to brainstorming.

signed lori z

DONE! Not happy, but it's done

So here it is, not the best picture, but it's what DH took. I personally just wanted it taken! Okay, so I have learned I hate sewing skirts! Well, hate is a strong word, but I really dislike it.

I learned several things, one of which, I can't read a pattern to save my life! Two, I have no clue what basting, selvage, darts and more sewing terms are. Even with a dictionary it was difficult to understand what it all meant. Thirdly, even thought I measured and remeasured and tried and tried, I made the skirt too big in the waist and too big in the hips. I mean, it'll stay on and not fall off, but it's still too big and I have no clue how to fix it without it looking horrible.

The skirt isn't finished. I have flat out given up. DH tried to help with the hem, but I had no luck with it. so it's not hemmed which is why it's floor length (well, that and I'm super short so it doesn't help!) and it's why I'm having to hold it up at the waist just so the bottom might be even.

If you wish to read more about this ordeal, check it out on my blog. I'm sure you'll be amused, plus I have lots more pictures to view over there.

I haven't minded trying to do this, even though going into this I figured I'd fail to finish. Not because I didn't try, but because I suck at sewing outfits!

Well, I do plan on making the next project because I have sewn bags before and I hope that I can do it!

TTFN! Happy day!

My skirt's mostly finished

EDIT: Got the camera to work!!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

I only finished this a day late but haven't posted till now cause of camera drama and traveling plans.

I haven't sewn in the elastic yet, I need to get some at Joann's this week or so, but it's SO COLD in Chicago I won't be wearing it anytime soon as it is. Sorry to have been such a loser at this round in the sewalong! I will join again for another round as I am not so interested in sewing a bag.

I love bags!!!

Bags yahoo!!! I love to make bags! You can check some of them out here. I have joined another group called "use what you have" and this is a great oppurtunity to combine both...make some bags using remnants and fabrics that I already have to cut down on my stash. Bags make great gifts and are wonderful for swaps - I can´t wait to get started! Maybe we can make a bag to match our skirts too! This is a great place to look for ideas and check out this practical and lovely one! Have fun with this project!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Simplicity 7018

When I saw the post announcing that bags will be the next project I knew instantly which bag I would be doing. This is a vintage simplicity pattern that I found in a recent family cleaning project and I am planning on making the bag on the bottom left. I have done a lot of sewing in the past, but I never follow patterns and that is the challenge this time. I figure a bag is a good place to learn to follow directions and to assemble the pieces in the correct order.

Got bag's on my mind......

I've got to adimt, I was a little less excited about making a bag for this craft along that I was for making the skirt, but now I'm really excited!!

I was at the fabric store today getting more fabric for my sewing class next week, because the project I am working on will be finished on monday, tuesday if I'm lazy. So after an hour of looking I decide on a zip up hoodie. I did see some nice bag patterns but decided to figure out when I will make closer to the date. As I go up to get my fabric cut I saw the most beautiful flower fabric with matching brown fabric and magnetic snaps just sitting there, calling out for me to make it into a bag!!!

So I think I have decided on a flowery tote bag with a magnetic snap closure at the top and a pocket or two inside and outside. I'm so excited, but I have to finish my lounge pants and hoodie before my mom will buy me more fabric. Can't wait to have at it!!

Hi, I wasn't able to join the first sew along in time, but I LOVE sewing bags. I am really excited to be a part of sew? i knit! and look forward to seeing all the wonderful creative bags everyone will come up with. I am not sure which type of bag I will make or the fabric I will use, yet, but I just bought a bunch of new fabric. Here's a couple I am thinking about using.

Sign-ups are open!

Today is the first day of sign ups for the second sewing project. Sign ups will last until Friday, March 31st.

If you are already a participant and you don't want to do this project, please email us at Otherwise, we'll just assume that you want to sew a bag along with us!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Drumroll please... the next project!

Hello everybody!

Stephanie, Yai-ann, and I have just been blown away by the amazing skirts everyone has done! It's been fun for all of us and we hope everyone has enjoyed sewing-along as well.

The next project is.... bags! We think everyone will enjoy doing a project that can be as complex or as simple as you like.

We'll open sign-ups this Saturday, March 25. Sign ups will continue until Friday, March 31.

The project will start on Saturday, April 1 and end Sunday, April 30.

If you're already a member of the sew-along, you dont need to sign up again. This is a chance for all the people who missed out on the first round to join us.

I hope everyone has as much fun making bags as we did making skirts!

What's next?

When do we find out the next project? I'm ready to start!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

After 7 hours of sewing

I've got nothing to show for. Wait, that's not true. I've got an example of what can happen if you turn a circle skirt pattern into a half-circle skirt pattern. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me earlier that this wouldn't work. A circle skirt's design leaves you with four areas that drape on the bias, and four on the straight grain.
Since that seemed too full of a skirt for my taste, I had the smart idea of just cutting my pattern in half, to hit the perfect middle between an A-line and a circle skirt. But what I ended up with was an odd looking skirt that was full and drapey on either side of my hips, or if turned, at the front and back. I can't even mention the failed lapped zipper. There is enough fabric in the half-circle skirt to turn it into something else, but my body needs a break. Hopefully there will be a skirt next weekend.

Almost a Skirt

I posted a while ago about the shortness of my skirt. While on Spring Break, I tried to find a tulle to use with some contrasting fabric to make a flounce at the bottom, but I didn't find anything I loved. So I'm going to add a flounce (I'm digging that word, more than ruffle!) in the original fabric. On Sunday. So, no, I didn't meet the deadline, but I'll finish that baby up next weekend. I loved getting back to my sewing machine.

Despite my failure to finish, I can't wait for the next project, too. I like the suggestion for a quilt, but I hope that's down the line a bit--wouldn't it be fun to make out of our scraps from other projects?!

Thanks to our hostesses...this was so good for me!

Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm very Tardy.

Since I was onboard and game for this so early on, I kept kicking myself to get over here and post an intro, then post my pattern/fabric picks, but I didn't and I don't have any good excuses. I am doing so now (you know, now that I am FINISHED and under the bell! Literally.). It's me, Anjo (aka the CraftyModster), mum of 2, from the Pacific NW (the Seattle area to be more exact), an avid yet obsessed knitter who used to sew & desperately wanted to return to it. What a grand opportunity to do so!

I opted to sew this skirt for my 4 year old gurl. And boy did I pick the world's most simplest of patterns! I knew with my time restraints and everything else in life I needed to re-intro myself to this craft slowly and easily. Did I take the easy route? Why, yes I did. BUT I finished my assignment!

Some details:

After much narrowing down of pattern & fabric, with help from one lass, I chose Pattern #6423 from "New Look," and a very vivid (read: loud) retro-mod fabric I had in stash (and after buying some other fabric, I went with figures!) (More on the pattern/fabric-picking progress HERE):

Like I said, very simple, super easy, straight A-line, elastic waist. I added some trim and an attempt at an applique, which is pretty much overkill, but I wanted to add something to it, you know. This is the finished skirt (have your sunglasses at the ready):

Here is the skirt on my favorite girl:

Here's one more, the full body shot, complete with our favorite facial expression (aka...the tongue):

For further dets, info & photos, please go and take a gander at My Blog (there are a few posts here and there about this project).

This has been such a hoot, sewing again! Thank you so much for the opportunity to dust off my sewing machine (Mari, Stephanie & YaiAnn). I have been amazed and utterably blown away by everyone's skirts, not to mention pretty dern intimidated (you all rawk!). I really love the fact that in most photos of your skirts, you put your fancy shoes on to go with your fancy new skirts. Lovely! Of course mine is barefooted, which is cool too.

I can't wait for our next assignment, which I promise to not wait until the last second, and b) will attempt to challenge myself a bit more. What will we be sewing?! Just some ideas (okay, things I've been dying to make someday!): Bag/purse/tote, flower brooch, quilt (mini-quilt?). I'm giddy with anticipation and of course will go for anything!

A last minute intro...and a skirt

I kept meaning to post an introduction, but time ran away on me. I have (mostly) finished my skirt, though! Just the hem to finish up and I'll be ready for warmer weather. This is some fabric I picked up last spring, but didn't get around to sewing it up until I saw this sewalong. The pattern is McCalls 2029, View B.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's skirts, especially all the great prints that people have been using! I've posted some detailed information about my skirt if you are interested.

Finished! Yay!!

Here I am being silly in my new skirt. It didn't end up the way I expected. Come see a close up picture and read about it here.

Finished but not satisfy

I've finished with the skirt, but not quite satisfy with the outcome, it looks too girlie on me. Feel disappointed with it. Anyway it has been done, but I might do another one, a more mature A-line skirt instead of flare one this time. Haven't choose what kind of fabric yet, it will depend on the fabrics stash that I have.

Which excuse should I use?

Hi Everyone!

I never got the chance to introduce myself as time is not in abundance these days. My name is Sarah and I am a new mom. Yep, and there we go with excuse numero uno for not completely finishing my skirt on time. As others have pointed out you actually have to concentrate when sewing and three month olds are not too supportive at times.

Excuse number two involves the sewing machine I was hoping to show you a picture of. It looks a lot like this one. So, um, blind hem function, what's that? Zipper foot? Don't get me wrong...I love the machine. It is my mother in-laws and luckily she knows it very well but it is very sensitive which means everything takes a loooong time.

ok, here is what I have to show you:

Bird skirt (4)

I found the fabric at Marche Saint Pierre. They have a section of fun and colorful fabrics and this one caught my eye right away. I used Simplicity 4546.

Bird skirt (1)

So, what's not done? Oh the hem around the bottom...but I will get to that tomorrow when there is better light. This will give the skirt a better length (just below the knees). I also need to iron it. And I was hoping for more artistic photos but you'll have to wait for that too. I was lucky to get one photo where I wasn't holding the baby!

I learned so much from this project. I hope to put together a post with more about that and better photos for my blog but right now I am off to a crying baby!

oops-there is a deadline!

I have had my skirt finished for over a week now, but between a nasty viral infection and my short attention span I forgot to post my finished work! Never fear, here she is:

This was a real easy pattern, and I even got the zipper in without incident-a first for me. And because I am lazy, I did not hem the skirt, but instead overcasted the edge with a contrasting thread. I also threw a ribbon on the waistband-just for kicks.

Can't wait for our next project-this was so much fun!!