Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sewing Knitting Bag

My name is Paula, and my blog is pjbknit. I have a pattern that I would like to make, Simplicity 4542, a pattern with knitting bags. The larger with the a needle roll attached is the one I want to make. I plan to use Michael Miller's Knit Wits fabric with cats, yarn, etc. I ordered two additional coordinating fabrics with skeins of yarn and knitting terms . I learned to sew as a teen, (I am now in my, ahem, 40s.) I actually have two sewing machines--I SEW with a Bernina 1090 (it was my present to myself when I graduated from library school and got a job) and embroider and do buttonholes with a Brother 8500. I have not sewn much since I dove headlong into knitting again.