Saturday, March 18, 2006


I chose a rather ambitious skirt (Simplicity 5914) with 6 panels and a zipper. My fabric, a chocolate brown micro-suede-like polyester or something, started falling apart after handling the pieces a lot. In order to prevent extreme unraveling, I had to finish the seams with a zig-zag stitch. I'm sure I spent lots more time on this than others would, but it was my first garment and there was a lot of learning involved!

I did a blind hem, and that was probably the most frustrating part of my skirt. My fabric did not hold a crease at all, so I had to baste the hem by hand first. Of course I didn't realize until after I was done basting that I needed to fold over part of that fabric to sew the blind hem, so I had to slowly pick out the stitches as I went along.

The zipper installation was time consuming, but successful! I’m so proud of this zipper! It’s called a “lapped” installation, where one side of the fabric overlaps the zipper. (This is one of the many things I learned while working on this project).

I'm so glad I joined this sew-along. I learned so much, and I'm no longer scared of my sewing machine!