Saturday, March 04, 2006

Finally I made my skirt!

Last night I started my skirt. I used simplicity 5505 style F. When I finally got it all done I didn't like the way it was hanging so I played with it and added a few hems and I finished with a skirt I liked.. My DH who took the pix btw was like "is one side supposed to be longer??" LOL I think he thought I wasn't any good at this. It was really easy to do at the end though I felt like a seamstress fixing and taking in the skirt. I'm wearing it tonight to celebrate my anniversary. I got a light blue shirt to go with it and I'm thinking about making a shrug to wear with it. I haven't actually found a pattern though. LOL it's always fun when your sewing projects create more knitting to do! Fun fun Fun!
this was fun I'm planning on making another skirt now that I've actually gotten out the sewing machine and started. LOL it's very addictive! This was great I can't wait for our next project!