Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yet Another Introduction

Hi, everyone! I'm Denise (and my blog is here). I've been knitting for almost a year, but I've never joined a knit-along or a sew-along, so this is an entirely new experience for me. Although I wasn't able to join the skirt SAL in time, I made a skirt anyway. It went quite well, until I started to trim the bottom hem with my pinking shears and accidentally cut a hole right in the middle of the skirt. Lesson learned! Hopefully, my bag will be more successful...

The print fabric is a cotton from Ikea- that will be the lining. The khaki fabric is a heavy cotton (I think) from Walmart that seems durable enough to form the exterior of my bag. I don't intend to use a specific pattern, but I thought that I would try to follow the tutorial on Craftster for a messenger bag with gusset. My objective is to make something capable of holding my wallet, a notebook and/or magazine, assorted girly stuff, and the odd knitting project.