Saturday, March 18, 2006

floral skirt for spring!

dear fellow sewers:

I've finished my skirt. See? Wanna see another shot? It was an interesting experience sewing this skirt. Between the time that I cut the fabric and started sewing it, I lost the instructions. I hadn't really looked at them too much before they went away. So this skirt was sewn more instinctively than via the instructions. I started by sewing the waistband...while doing that section I successfully ironed interfacing to my ironing board (and a little to my iron)! d'oh! There's a first time for everything! Catastrophes aside, I learned a lot while sewing this skirt. I can logically figure out how to construct pieces. It helps when there's only 8 pieces. Learning this made me feel more confident in my sewing abilities.

Instead of doing a traditional hem for the skirt, I was inspired by this skirt at Boden to use a constrasting colour for the bottom hem. Rather than running out to the fabric store to get a light weight ribbon, I proceeded to make my own bias tape out a medium weight cotton. You can see a shot of my bias tape here. When sewing on the bias tape I first quickly went around to secure the tape and then I went around a second time so that the seam was at the top of the tape (to avoid it curling).

Sewing this skirt was a great experience. I've been avoiding my sewing machine lately, and I don't want to. Seeing all of the fabulous skirts that all you ladies have been making has inspired me to sew a few more skirts for the upcoming warm weather.

Thanks our hosts and all of you sewers for being an inspiration.

signed, lori z

p.s.: what's next?