Sunday, March 05, 2006

Good News, Bad News, and a Question

I just about finished my Betsy Ross A-line skirt. I'm super proud of how well the zipper came out, despite not using a zipper foot (I'm going to pick one up, though). All I have left is to hand sew the waist facing down, add a hook and eye, and sew the hem.

Here's the bad news. I went with the shorter skirt, not even thinking to see just how short it was. It's short. About three inches shorter than I would want.

Now for my question. What do you all (especially you more experienced sewers!) think about my adding something as a ruffle. When I was at Joann's today, I saw some pretty tulle-ish stuff. I have a fair idea of how to add the ruffle, but do you think it will look wonky on an A-line skirt?

I'm leaving for a conference in Austin on Thursday and REALLY want to wear this there. Thanks for any help!

ETA: I found this site with a good instruction on adding a ruffle. I think I'll try this with a contrast tulle. I still would love your input.