Thursday, March 16, 2006


Here's my skirt, which you have seen if you have been over at my Xanga blog. I wanted to place this further down in the post, but I can't figure out how to do that. Blogger confuses.

WOOT on all the pretty, flowery skirts! I've been picking boring solids. In the past I've made brightly colored clothes and then not worn them. I suppose it's because I don't want to call attention to my girth. But you have all inspired me to make another skirt in something more... vibrant. I haven't decided yet.

Secondly, you are all so lovely in your new skirts! They should call this the SewIKnit HOTTIES!
I love the kitty skirt down there! It makes me want to go ahead with my desire to make a skirt out of this. I wuv cute, waving Japanese kitties. Also, how about that A-line wool Betsy Ross? Nice. You gals ROCK. All of you gals! Really, I'm so inspired. And the zipper tutorial, so cool. I'm gushing.

I am gearing up to make this shirt in this, to match my skirt. A couple of people have asked me about the pattern, so I thought I'd better post it. When I finish, I'll post a photo of me modeling my new ensemble.