Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A very late introduction

Hello, sewing friends! Sorry this intro is so late - I spent February moving into our new (first!) house and things are finally calming down.

I try to sew, I really do. I've gotten pretty okay at bags, but never had much luck with items that actually need to fit. But I got a new sewing machine for Christmas:
My dearest, dearest darling
Really, how could you not want to make something lovely with this? My old machine sounded like the little girl in the Exorcist every time I turned it on. This ones whirrs delightfully and even has grown-up stitches. I am trying very hard to be a grown-up.

I'm going to do the My Favorite Things pattern, but, stupid me, I didn't get enough fabric. I'm about a quarter yard short. I'm going to try anyway - hopefully it'll work out. If not, it'll just have to be relegated to the "petting because it's so pretty" pile.
Fabric for Sew? I Knit! Skirt

Extreme close-up:

I'm hoping to cut the pattern pieces and start sewing this weekend. (I'm actually working on a Denyse Schmidt quilt right now - you can see photos on my blog. For some reason, it's much less intimidating than a skirt.) I'll keep you posted on my progress!