Saturday, March 25, 2006

Got bag's on my mind......

I've got to adimt, I was a little less excited about making a bag for this craft along that I was for making the skirt, but now I'm really excited!!

I was at the fabric store today getting more fabric for my sewing class next week, because the project I am working on will be finished on monday, tuesday if I'm lazy. So after an hour of looking I decide on a zip up hoodie. I did see some nice bag patterns but decided to figure out when I will make closer to the date. As I go up to get my fabric cut I saw the most beautiful flower fabric with matching brown fabric and magnetic snaps just sitting there, calling out for me to make it into a bag!!!

So I think I have decided on a flowery tote bag with a magnetic snap closure at the top and a pocket or two inside and outside. I'm so excited, but I have to finish my lounge pants and hoodie before my mom will buy me more fabric. Can't wait to have at it!!