Monday, March 20, 2006

shamefully pathetic

it looks like i am the first member to not have success. (at least the first one brave enough to post my sad failure)
i left it to the last moment (started the sewing yesterday), which usually works highly in my favor.
not this time.
who knew that cotton crepe would be so much harder to handle than 100% cotton?
who knew that when they tell you to sew the side seam before doing the lapped zipper that they really mean it?
who knew how to do a lapped zipper? not me apparently.
who knew that when your thread matches perfectly the color of your fabric, and when you rip out a seam for the 5th time, you will create a hole in the fabric in a place that is not hidden by the seam?

after the hole incident, and the cramped shoulder incident (from too much concentration trying to rip out the seam for the 6th time),
i climbed the stairs to my room in defeat, sat in bed, watched grey's anatomy, and made a few fabric buttons:

at least i was successful with something fabric related

congrats to all of you who had fantastic skirts - i have enjoyed seeing the end results!

and thank you for putting this together, can not wait to see what's next. and i won't leave it till the last minute next time!

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